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How to Render the Blazor Server Application in IE Web Browser

Blazor WebAssembly App

†Microsoft Internet Explorer doesn’t support WebAssembly. So, Blazor WebAssembly does not support Internet Explorer.

Blazor Server App

†Microsoft Internet Explorer supports Blazor Server with additional polyfills. Find the following steps to add the polyfills in the Blazor server application.

Create a Blazor Server Application

  1. Create a Blazor server Application using Blazor Server documentation.
  2. Add the style file references and in the <head> element of the ~/Pages/_Host.cshtml page.

    <link href="_content/Syncfusion.Blazor/styles/bootstrap4.css" rel="stylesheet" />
    <script src=""></script>

    Including this polyfill for Blazor provides IE support with server-side mode.

  3. Run the Application, The Syncfusion Blazor Component will render in the IE web browser.