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Style and Appearance in Blazor Card component

14 Apr 2021 / 1 minute to read

The following content provides the exact CSS structure that can be used to modify the control’s appearance based on user preference.

Css class Purpose
.e-card Customize the card
.e-card .e-card-header Customize the Header element
.e-card .e-card-content Customize the card content
.e-card .e-card-separator Divider used to separate the elements inside the card
.e-card .e-card-image Include image within card element
.e-card .e-card-image .e-card-title Include a title or caption for the image
.e-card .e-card-header .e-card-header-image To include heading image within the header
.e-card .e-card-header .e-card-header-caption .e-card-header-title Customize the Header main title
.e-card .e-card-header .e-card-header-caption .e-card-sub-title Customize the Header subtitle
.e-card .e-card-actions .e-card-btn Include action buttons or anchor tags
.e-card .e-card-horizontal To align card elements horizontally
.e-card .e-card-horizontal .e-card-stacked To align elements vertically within the horizontal layout