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Accessibility in Blazor Chip component

28 Jul 2021 / 1 minute to read

Keyboard Interaction

The following shortcut keys are used to access the Chip control without any interruption.

Keyboard shortcuts Actions
Enter Selects the targeted chip from the Chip/ChipItems.
Delete Deletes the targeted chip from the Chip/ChipItems.
Copied to clipboard
@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Buttons
<SfChip ID="chip-avatar" EnableDelete="true" CssClass="e-chip-avatar" Selection="SelectionType.Single">
        <ChipItem Text="Andrew" LeadingIconCss='andrew'></ChipItem>
        <ChipItem Text="Janet" LeadingIconCss='janet'></ChipItem>
        <ChipItem Text="Laura" LeadingIconCss='laura'></ChipItem>
        <ChipItem Text="Margaret" LeadingIconCss='margaret'></ChipItem>

    #chip-avatar .andrew {
        background-image: url('./andrew.png')

    #chip-avatar .margaret {
        background-image: url('./margaret.png')

    #chip-avatar .laura {
        background-image: url('./laura.png')

    #chip-avatar .janet {
        background-image: url('./janet.png')

Output be like the below.

Chip with avatarIcon and selection