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Accessibility in Blazor Chip component

Keyboard Interaction

The following shortcut keys are used to access the Chip control without any interruption.

Keyboard shortcuts Actions
Enter Selects the targeted chip from the Chip/ChipItems.
Delete Deletes the targeted chip from the Chip/ChipItems.
@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Buttons
<SfChip ID="chip-avatar" EnableDelete="true" CssClass="e-chip-avatar" Selection="SelectionType.Single">
        <ChipItem Text="Andrew" LeadingIconCss='andrew'></ChipItem>
        <ChipItem Text="Janet" LeadingIconCss='janet'></ChipItem>
        <ChipItem Text="Laura" LeadingIconCss='laura'></ChipItem>
        <ChipItem Text="Margaret" LeadingIconCss='margaret'></ChipItem>

    #chip-avatar .andrew {
        background-image: url('./andrew.png')

    #chip-avatar .margaret {
        background-image: url('./margaret.png')

    #chip-avatar .laura {
        background-image: url('./laura.png')

    #chip-avatar .janet {
        background-image: url('./janet.png')

Output be like the below.

Chip with avatarIcon and selection