Predefined Code Snippets for Blazor Playground

21 Feb 20241 minute to read

Blazor Playground provides pre-defined code snippets for all Syncfusion Blazor components that helps to ease access the component’s code snippets.

  • Click the Snippet button to open a popup containing a list of predefined code snippets for Syncfusion Blazor UI components.
    Blazor Playground with pre-configured code snippet

  • Choose the specific components you want to render (up to 10 at a time). This can be done by simply clicking on the desired snippet. Blazor Playground allows you to select multiple components simultaneously.
    Blazor Playground with selecting a component

  • Once you’ve selected the component, click the Add button. The chosen snippet will be added in the editor.

Blazor Playground with code snippets


For each selected component, the corresponding individual NuGet package (latest version) will be added, while the overall Syncfusion.Blazor package will be removed.

Selected snippet output

  • Press the run button or Ctrl+R to execute the code. The output of the executed code will appear in the result view.