End-user Capabilities

21 Feb 20241 minute to read

Switching the Themes

Blazor Playground lets you customize the appearance of Syncfusion Blazor components by choosing from various themes using the dropdown accessible through the Output Theme button.

Syncfusion Blazor Playground with theme

Explore the Code Editor

  • Type, copy, cut, paste, and edit your code within the editor.
  • Create and manage .razor and .cs files alongside the default index.razor.
  • Enhance readability with syntax highlighting for keywords, variables, strings, and comments.

Compiling and Running Code

  • Execute your code by pressing the Run button or using the Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut.
  • Visualize the compiled code’s output in the result view.

Preview Code Output

  • Click the Run button to compile your code.
  • If there are no errors, the result view displays the output for your code.

Error and warning handling

During compilation, any errors or warnings are displayed with their corresponding line numbers for efficient identification and resolution.

Syncfusion Blazor Playground with error console

Sharing Code

You can share your code snippets with unique URLs easily for collaboration and discussion by clicking the Share button, which presents two sections: Shared Link and Embed Link.

Syncfusion Blazor Playground with save code snippet

Embedding Code

The embed links are useful for sharing the code snippet that provides various customization options:

  • Display Code Editor: Enables the code editor for the end user.
  • Display Result View: Disables the code editor and shows only the result.
  • Display Error Console: Shows the warnings and errors console.
  • Display App Bar: Enables the app bar with the run button.

For example, enabled all the options on embed a link.

Syncfusion Blazor Playground with all embed options

For example, show the result view and disabled all other options.

Syncfusion Blazor Playground with result view

Handling Static Assets

You can manage CSS and JavaScript files for styling and scripting your application in Blazor Playground.

  • Add CDN links for static assets through the Static Assets tab in the NuGet Asset Manager.
  • Include the CDN link in your code files (__Index.razor in this example) to apply the styles or scripts.

Syncfusion Blazor Playground with static assets