Globalization in Blazor DateRangePicker Component

15 Dec 20221 minute to read

Blazor DateRangePicker component can be localized. Refer to Blazor Localization topic to localize Syncfusion Blazor components.


The DateRangePicker supports RTL (right-to-left) functionality for languages like Hebrew and Hebrew to display the text in the right-to-left direction. Use EnableRtl property to set the RTL direction.

The following code example initialize the DateRangePicker component in Hebrew culture.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Calendars
@inject HttpClient Http;

<SfDateRangePicker TValue="DateTime?" Locale="ar" EnableRtl=true></SfDateRangePicker>

@code {
    protected IJSRuntime JsRuntime { get; set; }
    protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
        this.JsRuntime.Sf().LoadLocaleData(await Http.GetJsonAsync<object>("blazor-locale/src/ar.json")).SetCulture("ar");

Right to Left in Blazor DateRangePicker with Hebrew Culture


You can refer to our Blazor Date Range Picker feature tour page for its groundbreaking feature representations. You can also explore our Blazor Date Range Picker example to understand how to present and manipulate data.