Adding Custom Item to Toolbar in Blazor FileManager Component

16 Mar 20221 minute to read

The toolbar items can be customized using the ToolbarSettings API and ToolbarItemClicked events.

The following example shows adding a custom item in the toolbar. The new toolbar button is added using ToolbarSettings. The event is used to add an ToolbarItemClicked event handler to the new toolbar button.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.FileManager

    <SfFileManager TValue="FileManagerDirectoryContent">
        <FileManagerAjaxSettings Url="/api/SampleData/FileOperations"
        <FileManagerToolbarSettings Items="@Items"></FileManagerToolbarSettings>

@code {
    public string[] Items =  new string[] {"NewFolder", "Upload", "Delete", "Download", "Rename", "SortBy", "Refresh", "Selection", "View", "Details", "Custom"};

Run the application

After successful compilation of your application, simply press F5 to run the application.

Blazor FileManger displays Custom Item in Toolbar