Undo Redo in the Blazor Image Editor component

29 Dec 20232 minutes to read

The undo and redo functionalities provide a way to reverse and repeat editing actions performed on an image. These features are essential for maintaining control and flexibility during the editing process.

In Blazor Image Editor component, the undo and redo history typically have a limited capacity, and the number of steps that can be stored is 16 steps, meaning that the editor keeps track of the most recent 16 actions performed on the image. Once the history reaches its maximum capacity, any new actions beyond the 16th step will result in the removal of the oldest action from the history.

Undo the action

The undo action in an image editor allows users to revert the most recent editing action or a series of actions back to their previous state. When the undo command is triggered, the image editor undoes the last applied modification, effectively restoring the image to its state before the action was performed. The undo action is useful for correcting mistakes, removing unwanted changes, or exploring different editing options without permanently altering the image.

Redo the action

The redo action in an image editor allows users to reapply previously undone actions or modifications to the image. When the redo command is triggered, the image editor reapplies the last action that was undone, bringing the image back to the state it was in after the action was initially applied. The redo is useful when users want to repeat an action that was previously undone or restore changes that were temporarily reversed.

Here is an example of undoing and redoing the action using the UndoAsync and RedoAsync method.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.ImageEditor
@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Buttons

<div style="padding-bottom: 15px">
    <SfButton OnClick="DrawTextAsync">Draw Text</SfButton>
    <SfButton OnClick="UndoAsync">Undo</SfButton>
    <SfButton OnClick="RedoAsync">Redo</SfButton>

<SfImageEditor @ref="ImageEditor" Toolbar="customToolbarItem" Height="400">
    <ImageEditorEvents Created="OpenAsync"></ImageEditorEvents>

@code {
    SfImageEditor ImageEditor;
    private List<ImageEditorToolbarItemModel> customToolbarItem = new List<ImageEditorToolbarItemModel>() { };

    private async void OpenAsync()
        await ImageEditor.OpenAsync("nature.png");

    private async void DrawTextAsync()
        ImageDimension Dimension = await ImageEditor.GetImageDimensionAsync();
        await ImageEditor.DrawTextAsync(Dimension.X.Value + 100, Dimension.Y.Value + 100);

    private async void UndoAsync()
        await ImageEditor.UndoAsync();

    private async void RedoAsync()
        await ImageEditor.RedoAsync();

Blazor Image Editor with Undo Redo an image