Styles and Appearances in Blazor Menu Bar Component

15 Nov 20224 minutes to read

To modify the Menu appearance, you need to override the default CSS of Menu component. Find the list of CSS classes and its corresponding section in Menu component. Also, you have an option to create your own custom theme for the controls using our Theme Studio.

CSS Class Purpose of Class
.e-menu-container To customize the menu wrapper
.e-menu-container.e-menu-popup To customize the menu popup
.e-menu-container .e-ul .e-menu-item To customize the menu items
.e-menu-container .e-ul .e-menu-item.e-focused To customize the menu items on focus
.e-menu-container ul .e-menu-item .e-caret::before To customize the menu items caret icon
.e-menu-container .e-ul .e-menu-item.e-selected To customize selected menu item

Customizing the appearance of menu

Use the following CSS to customize the background color of menu container, focus items and selected items.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Navigations

<SfMenu TValue="MenuItem">
        <MenuItem Text="File">
                <MenuItem Text="Open"></MenuItem>
                <MenuItem Text="Save"></MenuItem>
                <MenuItem Text="Exit"></MenuItem>
        <MenuItem Text="Edit">
                <MenuItem Text="Cut"></MenuItem>
                <MenuItem Text="Copy"></MenuItem>
                <MenuItem Text="Paste"></MenuItem>
        <MenuItem Text="View">
                <MenuItem Text="Toolbars"></MenuItem>
                <MenuItem Text="Zoomr"></MenuItem>
                <MenuItem Text="Full Screen"></MenuItem>
        <MenuItem Text="Tools">
                <MenuItem Text="Spelling & Grammar"></MenuItem>
                <MenuItem Text="Customize"></MenuItem>
                <MenuItem Text="Options"></MenuItem>
        <MenuItem Text="Go"></MenuItem>
        <MenuItem Text="Help"></MenuItem>

    .e-menu-container {
        background-color: #bad9ff;

    .e-menu-container .e-menu .e-menu-item.e-selected {
        background-color: #8ec6fe;

    .e-menu-container .e-ul .e-menu-item.e-focused{
        background-color: #b3d9ff;

Blazor Menubar with Style and Appearance