Sticky notes annotations in Blazor SfPdfViewer Component

21 Jun 20232 minutes to read

The SfPdfViewer control provides the options to add, edit, and delete the sticky note annotations in the PDF document.

StickyNotes Annotation in Blazor SfPdfViewer

Adding a sticky note annotation to the PDF document

Sticky note annotations can be added to the PDF document using the annotation toolbar.

  • Click the Comments button in the SfPdfViewer toolbar. A toolbar appears below it.
  • Click the position, where you want to add sticky note annotation in the PDF document.
  • Sticky note annotation will be added in the clicked positions.

Adding StickyNotes in Blazor SfPdfViewer Toolbar

Annotation comments can be added to the PDF document using the comment panel.

  • Select a Sticky note annotation in the PDF document and right-click it.
  • Select Comment option in the context menu that appears.
  • Now, you can add Comments, Reply, and Status using Comment Panel.

Blazor SfPdfViewer with StickyNotes Comment

Editing the properties of the sticky note annotation

Editing opacity

The opacity of the annotation can be edited using the range slider provided in the Edit Opacity tool.

StickyNotes Opacity in Blazor SfPdfViewer

Editing comments

The comment, comment reply, and comment status of the annotation can be edited using the Comment Panel.

  • Open the comment panel using the Comment Panel button displayed in the annotation toolbar.

Editing StickyNotes Comment in Blazor SfPdfViewer

You can modify or delete the comments or comments replay and it’s status using the menu option provided in the comment panel.

StickyNotes Editing in Blazor SfPdfViewer

Setting default properties during control initialization

The properties of the sticky note annotation can be set before creating the control using StickyNoteSettings.

After editing the default opacity using the Edit Opacity tool, they will be changed to the selected values.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.SfPdfViewer

<SfPdfViewer2 @ref="@viewer"

@code {
    SfPdfViewer2 viewer;
    private string DocumentPath { get; set; } = "wwwroot/Data/PDF_Succinctly.pdf";

    PdfViewerStickyNotesSettings StickyNotesSettings = new PdfViewerStickyNotesSettings
            Author = "Syncfusion"

Disabling sticky note annotations

The SfPdfViewer2 control provides an option to disable the sticky note annotations feature.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.SfPdfViewer

<SfPdfViewer2 DocumentPath="@DocumentPath"

    private string DocumentPath { get; set; } = "wwwroot/Data/PDF_Succinctly.pdf";