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Set the disabled state in Blazor RadioButton component

Radio Button component can be enabled/disabled by giving Disabled property. To disable Radio Button component, the Disabled property can be set as true.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Buttons

<SfRadioButton Label="Option 1" Name="default" Value="Checked" @bind-Checked="stringChecked"></SfRadioButton><br />
<SfRadioButton Label="Option 2" Name="default" Value="Disable" @bind-Checked="stringChecked"></SfRadioButton><br />
<SfRadioButton Label="Option 3" Name="default" Value="None" @bind-Checked="stringChecked" Disabled="true"  ></SfRadioButton>

@code {
    private string stringChecked = "Checked";

Output be like

Radio Button Sample