Native Events in Blazor RadioButton Component

8 Aug 20221 minute to read

You can define the native event using on event attribute in component. The value of attribute is treated as an event handler. The event specific data will be available in event arguments.

The different event argument types for each event are,

  • Focus Events - UIFocusEventArgs
  • Mouse Events - UIMouseEventArgs
  • Keyboard Events - UIKeyboardEventArgs
  • Touch Events - UITouchEventArgs

List of Native events supported

The following native event support have been provided to the Radio Button component:

List of Native events        
onchange oninput onblur onfocus onfocusout
onfocusin onclick onkeydown onkeyup onkeypress

How to bind click event to Radio Button

The onclick attribute is used to bind the click event for Radio Button.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Buttons

<SfRadioButton Label="Credit/Debit Card" Name="payment" Value="credit/debit" TChecked="string" ValueChange="onValueChange" @bind-Checked="stringChecked"></SfRadioButton><br />
<SfRadioButton Label="Net Banking" Name="payment" Value="netbanking" TChecked="string" ValueChange="onValueChange" @bind-Checked="stringChecked"></SfRadioButton>

@code {
    private string stringChecked = "netbanking";
    private void onValueChange(ChangeArgs<string> args){
        //ValueChange Event triggered

Blazor RadioButton with Native Event