Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

July 11, 2019

Circular gauge

Bug Fixes

  • #I232644 - The issue with the smoothness of moving pointer has been fixed.
  • #I232644 - The ‘PointerIndex’ event argument have been provided to identify the corresponding dragged pointer in the ‘OnDragStart’, ‘OnDragMove’, and ‘OnDragEnd’ events.


Bug Fixes

  • #I241764 - The issue “HTML node is not working when using more than one HTML node” is now resolved.

File Upload

Bug Fixes

  • #F145356 - Issue with “file object return as empty object” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • 241683 - Command column edit button is now working properly.
  • F145744 - Dialog Template is now working properly while editing a same record for second time.
  • 240953, 241235 , 241455, 241686 - Unable to get the row details in OnActionComplete and OnActionBegin events is fixed.
  • 240952 - Script error thrown while clicking column template cell is fixed.
  • 241347 - Template column values gets lost after saving the data is resolved.

New Features

  • 241235 - Added Cell Edit template support.
  • Added new events to the grid, go through the link for available events in grid.

Breaking Changes

  • Argument of the events OnToolbarClick, OnActionComplete and OnActionBegin are now well typed as OnToolbarClick<Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.Navigations.ClickEventArgs>, OnActionComplete<ActionEventArgs> and OnActionBegin<ActionEventArgs>.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #I241083 - Now, the width and height are updated properly for the PDF Viewer control.


Breaking changes

The following enum type has now been renamed.

Previous Type Modified Type
cellSelectionMode PivotCellSelectionMode
SelectionType PivotSelectionType
CheckboxSelectionType PivotCheckboxSelectionType
GridLine PivotGridLine
ClipMode PivotClipMode
PrintMode PivotPrintMode
PivotContextMenuItem[] List of PivotContextMenuItem
ChartShape PivotChartShape
ErrorBarType PivotChartErrorBarType
ErrorBarDirection PivotChartErrorBarDirection
ErrorBarMode PivotChartErrorBarMode
TrendlineTypes PivotChartTrendlineTypes
LegendShape PivotChartLegendShape
EmptyPointMode PivotChartEmptyPointMode
Alignment PivotChartAlignment
TextOverflow PivotChartTextOverflow
SizeType PivotChartSizeType
Anchor PivotChartAnchor
ZIndex PivotChartZIndex
BorderType PivotChartBorderType
LineType PivotChartLineType
LegendPosition PivotChartLegendPosition
ChartDrawType PivotChartDrawType
SplineType PivotChartSplineType
LabelIntersectAction PivotChartLabelIntersectAction
EdgeLabelPlacement PivotChartEdgeLabelPlacement
LabelPlacement PivotChartLabelPlacement
AxisPosition PivotChartAxisPosition
ZoomMode PivotChartZoomMode
ToolbarItems[] List of PivotChartToolbarItems
ChartTheme PivotChartTheme


New Features

  • Provided Content template support now.


Bug Fixes

  • #F145791 - The issue with dynamic update for template properties has been fixed.


New Features

  • Provided the OnNodeDragStart, OnNodeDragged and NodeDropped drag and drop events support for Treeview component.