Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

October 29, 2019


Bug Fixes

  • #F148164 - Not able to perform delete operation while using Guid primary key in custom adaptor is resolved.
  • #F148025 - Problem using OnDataBound event when binding empty data for grid is now resolved.
  • #251971 - GetCurrentViewData method is now public.
  • #251682 - Problem using OnActionFailure event when throw an exception from server is now resolved.
  • #F146078 - Template values are not updated properly on button click, when any of the model properties does not have setter is resolved.
  • #F148442 - DateTime objects get converted to UTC time while accessing the inserted record in ActionEvents is now resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #250346, 249719 - Provided an option for getting the reordered list in ListBox.

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Bug Fixes

  • #251864 - The pages in the landscape document will be rendered properly.


New Features

  • The OnActionBegin event has been introduced to our Blazor scheduler which will trigger before each action like CRUD actions, view change, date change takes place.

Bug Fixes

  • #148413, #242174, #252907 - The issue with SelectedDate and CurrentView properties when using ActionCompleted event has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #252065 - Property binding within OnAfterRender life cycle method will work now.


Bug Fixes

  • #248621 - Now, you can upload the large files in file upload component.