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Syncfusion Blazor Components - Release Notes

April 14, 2020


  • #268548 - Resolved memory leak issue when the components used ObservableCollection and Templates.
  • #259381 - Resolved the issue in DOM operation on using await async.
  • #267839 - Resolved Globalization issue in client side blazor.


  • #F151776, #F151772, #268305 - GetFilteredRecords method is now returning filtered records properly.
  • #271547 - Fixed Script error thrown in console when select a row in DataBound event.
  • #269758 - Problem while persisting the Reordering state when column with empty data is bound to grid is fixed.
  • #272839, #F153106 - Drag and Drop throws script error when all the records are removed in second grid is solved.
  • #F152349 - RecordDoubleClick event argument value is wrong when grouping aggregate in enabled in grid is resolved.
  • #269077, #270946 - Sorting is not working properly with RowSelected and RowDeSelected events is solved.
  • #267839 - Exception thrown in console while performing Delete operation is fixed.
  • #267714, #F152802 - Problem with cancelling the adding of new record in OnActionBegin event is resolved.
  • #271395 - Misalignment occurs in grid header and content while hide columns using column chooser or column menu with Virtualization is fixed.
  • #269491 - Exception occur while inserting a record with batchediting with edittemplate and read only properties in Grid is solved.
  • #272500 - Selected rows are maintained in other pages while using PersistSelection with DataBound event is resolved.
  • #267984 - Script error thrown in console when using SetCellValue method is solved.
  • #F151978 - Batch edit on a column with null values throws script error is fixed.
  • #F151869 - GridCommandColumn Title property is not working properly in blazor grid is resolved.
  • #F152974 - Group item count value is getting 0 in Caption template is fixed.


  • #257540 - MarkerClusterCollection is exposed in the marker click event as an argument to get the markers in the cluster.
  • #262308, #267990 - The marker position will be updated properly in the tile map when the panning is performed.
  • #267990 - The tooltip will be removed now in the tile map when the panning is performed.

Pivot Table

  • #F152021 - Now the component will be refreshed when the data source is dynamically modified.


  • #271460 - Provided support to get the details of dropped cell through args.Target.
  • #270280 - Issue with preventing drag action over a specific event has been fixed.