Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

February 23, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • ## 314188 - An issue with the “EnablePersitence is not working properly” has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 314658 - Accumulation chart background doesn’t allow for var(color) value has been resolved.
  • ## 314540 - Axis line color is not applied for polar axis has been resolved.
  • ## F162122 - Accumulation data label does not render on grouping issue has been resolved.
  • ## 313237, ## 315946 - Bar chart does not render on initial load on IE11 has been resolved.
  • ## 309477 - Chart enableAutoIntervalOnBothAxis is not working properly has been resolved.
  • ## 313131 - Console error thrown while destroying accumulation chart has been resolved.
  • ## 309401, ## 313407 - Resizing dashboard panel with chart is not working properly while using animation has been resolved.
  • ## 312667 - Console error while changing chart series type dynamically has been resolved.
  • ## 311478 - Console error while displaying datetime as string value in tooltip has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 311809 - The issue with “Changing the IsModal property appends the Dialog content to the DOM” is resolved.

Bug Fixes

  • ## 313222 - Issue with “exception throws in the Blazor WASM application while pressing any key on the dropdown” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 305759 - Provided FilterType support for dropdown edit params in Grid.
  • ## 311024 - Text inside the Column chooser is not properly wrapped issue has been resolved.
  • ## 310021 - Exception throws while binding Dynamic object as a class property issue resolved.
  • F161338 - Grid Query does not exist the QueryString when filtering a entering a value in menu filter issue resolved.
  • F161871, F162724 - Duplicate sort query is generated when opening a excel filter for sorted column issue has been resolved.
  • ## 311539 - Colspan not updated properly in ChildGrid when AllowRowDragAndDrop enabled in ParentGrid issue fixed.
  • ## 314576 - Exception in Grid toolbar on converting currentviewdata to list issue resolved.
  • F162025 - Provided a public property to check whether the grid is in edit state or not.
  • ## 310848 - Grid Height is resizing when enabling ShowColumnChooser in grid is fixed.
  • ## 312350 - Selected state removed while hovering on other menu item issue resolved.
  • ## 312673 - Focused state not removed on document hover issue resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 315926 - Issue with “IsInteracted argument is not updated properly in the ValueChange event” has been resolved.

  • Issue with “Text property is not working while providing multiple values to the component” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 315654 - Issue with “input selection is not maintained while pressing the tab key” has been resolved.

Pivot Table

  • The values will not be shown in the Pivot Table, and this break is a known issue in this version. This will be resolved in the next patch release.


Bug Fixes

  • F162182 - An issue with the “Scheduler’s height is not expanding when window resize” has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 309628 - An issue with the “Tab item has selected unwantedly in Firefox” has been fixed.
  • ## 314607 - An issue with the “Tab items rendering using conditional rendering” has been fixed.
  • ## 314438 - An issue with the “selection in nested tab from the overflowed section does not appear after a page refresh” has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 307591, ## 310693 - Now, the drag and drop will work between the two same type TreeView components.
  • The issue with “The TreeView UI is not updated while changing the datasource dynamically and enabling AllowDragAndDrop” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #312932 - Cell value is no longer rounded off while resaving the document as CSV.
  • #312736 - Chart series is no longer rendered with solid line instead of dot line in chart to image conversion.
  • #314458 - Chart series is no longer rendered with connected lines in chart to image conversion.