Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

March 2, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • ## 313725 - Issue with “data is not generated from remote web API when publish the WASM application in the azure” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 313044 - DateTime value is not filtered properly while using ODataV4 adaptor in Grid is resolved.
  • ## 311138 - OnActionBegin event is triggering twice while using ColumnChooser is solved.
  • ## 305289 - Selection not removed on clearing the filtered data is resolved.
  • ## F161581 - Problem with Row Drag and Drop in a Grid filtered using Query property is fixed.

Pivot Table

Bug Fixes

  • ## F162222 - Value sorting in calculated fields can now be achieved.
  • ## 312279 - Issues in virtual scrolling have been fixed.
  • ## 291692 - The component is now refreshed while updating its data source in hosted model application.
  • ## 311809 - The issue with “Changing the IsModal property appends the Dialog content to the DOM” is resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 316380 - Resolved the issue with multiple image selection, when uploading in the RichTextEditor.


Bug Fixes

  • ## 309826 - An issue with the “Scheduler appointments are not rendered properly when it’s root element having scale style” has been fixed.

  • ## 315426 - An issue with the “Scheduler appointment rendering is wrong when using MinDate/MaxDate” has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • Issue with “floating label is misplaced in the outline textbox while applying error class to the component” has been resolved.

Visual Studio Extension

Bug Fixes

  • ## 316736 - Removed the old Json entry in the Blazor Scaffolding extension.


Bug Fixes

  • #286882 - Background color is now applied properly in pivot value fields.
  • #314457 - Chart legend icon is now rendered with fill color in chart to image conversion.
  • Chart value axis with billion is no longer missed in Excel to PDF conversion.