Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

May 12, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • ## F164644 - AxisLabelRender event now trigger properly on chart initial loading.

Dashboard Layout

Bug Fixes

  • ## I313722 - Issue with “IDisposable error occurs when navigating through the pages rapidly” has been resolved.

  • ## I324063 - Issue with “Dashboard Layout’s holder when resizing the panel” has been resolved.

  • ## I314704,## I316094,## F163131,## I319187 - Issue with “Column Property is not working properly when adding panel” has been resolved.

  • ## I313618 - Issue with “Dragging and Resizing panel when used in another razor page is not working” has been resolved.

  • ## I315065 - Issue with “Dashboard’s dragging and resizing doesn’t work when dynamically updating the value” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I326293 - Issue with “focus class is not added to the selected day cell while navigating the day cells with keyboard” has been resolved.

Bug Fixes

  • ## F151473 - Issue with “value is not set to the virtualization enabled dropdown while changing the value of the component dynamically” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## F163283 - Issue with “Custom Setting Icon in Toolbar not working in FileManager” has been resolved.

  • ## F162848 - Issue with “OnSuccess event is not triggered for Upload action in FileManager” has been resolved.

  • ## F161756 - Issue with “Prevent the upload using access control is not working in FileManager” has been resolved.

File Upload

Bug Fixes

  • ## I309481 - Issue with “progress bar is not updated properly while pausing and resume action in the chunk upload” has been resolved.

  • ## I325002 - Issue with “ OnRemove event is not triggered while calling remove method in the preload files with template” has been resolved.

Gantt Chart

Bug Fixes

  • ## F164925 - Custom field property value is not working properly in tooltip template is fixed.
  • ## I323033,## I325058 - OnActionComplete event not firing in edit actions is fixed.

New Features

  • ## 325375 - Provided support to create dependency by UI interaction on Desktop mode.
  • ## 269637,## 324611 - Provided support for predecessor lag similar to MS Project.
  • ## I306928 - Provided support for restricting zooming level.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I318589 - Perform editing using F2 key throws exception in wasm is fixed.
  • ## I318455 - Update icon in toolbar is in disabled state after invoking UpdateCell method in OnCellSave event is resolved.
  • ## I320369 - Misalignment occurs while performing Autofill in material theme is fixed.
  • ## F165085 - Exception is thrown when trying to search the value in excel/ checkbox filter using DynamicObject as a Grid datasource is solved.
  • ## I322934 - Exception occurs in Grid having GroupCaptionTemplate when grouping GridForeignColumn is fixed.
  • ## I325081 - White space occur when render a Grid with grouping the only AutoFit column is resolved.
  • ## I324901 - IsHeaderCheckboxClicked property was not updated while we prevent the header checkbox selection by enabling the args.cancel value is solved.
  • ## I327055 - Unable to add new record in empty grid when using remote data source is resoved.
  • ## F163661, ## I326380 - Grid behaves as Multiple Selection when dynamically changing SelectionType to Single and then removing checkbox column is fixed.

New Features

  • ## I309288 - Improved Batch editing functionality to save adjacent cells value in OnCellSave event.
  • Provided SetAttribute method support in QueryCellInfo and RowDataBound events.


Bug Fixes

  • ## F164265 - Issue with “CellClick event argument returns null for XValue” has been resolved.

  • ## F164061 - Provided support for “Dynamic Update of DataSource in HeatMap”.

In-place Editor

Bug Fixes

  • ## I324603 - The issue with “The date format in the In-place Editor Date type is not working properly when culture(eg: french) is loaded” has been resolved.


New Features

  • Provided target support to get the dropped card details when external drag and drop performed.


Breaking Changes

Property Name Previous Type Current Type
Scope SfListBox<TValue, TItem> string


Previous Now
public async Task MoveAllTo(SfListBox<TValue, TItem> scope = null, double? index = null) public async Task MoveAllTo(string scope = null, double? index = null)
public async Task MoveTo(TValue values = default, double? index = null, SfListBox<TValue, TItem> scope = null) public async Task MoveTo(TValue values = default, double? index = null, string scope = null)

New Features

  • I308642, I318690 - Drag and drop can be performed between more listboxes.
  • I312710 - Custom TValue support added.

Bug Fixes

  • I325932 - The issue with @attribute not working for ID property has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I326373 - Issue with “ListView with GroupBy doesn’t work when dataSource is updated dynamically” has been resolved.

  • ## I322576 - Issue with “Last Item in ListView while enabling Virtualization is not visible when updating dataSource dynamically” has been resolved.

  • ## I319428 - Issue with “Nested List with GroupBy and Clicked event” has been resolved.

  • ## I323140 - Issue with “ListView throws NullReference Exception” has been resolved.

  • ## I310980 - Issue with “Selection is not maintained when using GroupBy, Checkbox and Clicked event” has been resolved.

  • ## I321481 - Issue with “ListView component with large dataSourcebreaks when navigating through pages” has been resolved.

  • ## F147442 - Issue with “ListView with HTML Attributes property in DataModel is not working” has been resolved.

  • ## I312423, ## I322576 - Issue with “ListView li Height is not updating properly when setting Virtualization” has been resolved.

  • ## I310991 - Issue with “EnableVirtuazlization is not working while rendering ListView inside Dialog component” has been resolved.

  • ## F160366, ## F165224 - Issue with “GetCheckedItems does not return the expected result” has been resolved.

  • ## I323277 - Issue with “ListView’s checkbox gets toggled when margin is set” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I326178 - Arrow will now render properly in the navigation line with tile maps.

Masked Textbox

Bug Fixes

  • ## I324674 - Issue with “typed character is not converted to the upper case while typing more than alphabets to the masked input” has been resolved.

Bug Fixes

  • I323559 - SubMenu flickering issue has been resolved.
  • F163656 - The issue “Script error thrown while opening another menu before closing the menu popup” has been reolved.

Pivot Table

Bug Fixes

  • ## F163479 - The alignment issue in the pivot chart when it is inside a tab has been fixed.

New Features

  • ## F164699 - The raw data of an aggregated cell can now be retrieved using the cell template feature.


Bug Fixes

  • F164638 - The issue with the predicate not working properly in complex condition has been resolved.


New Features

  • Provided support for the table cell merge and split in Rich Text Editor table properties.
  • ## I275771, ## I275873 - Provided BeforePasteCleanUp and AfterPasteCleanUp events for customizing pasted content in the Rich Text Editor.

Breaking Changes


  • Now CommandsWidth model width property is deprecated. Use CommandsWidth - Width property to configure the width for a insert image.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I326939 - An issue with the “Scheduler is not allowed to create or edit the events in mobile mode when the property EnableCompactView is true” has been fixed.
  • ## I324870 - An issue with the “Scheduler height is not adjusted in TimelineMonth view when we remove the resources dynamically” has been fixed.
  • ## I324677 - An issue with the “Appointments width are not adjusted properly when we setting up the StartHour and EndHour properties” has been fixed.
  • ## I324994 - An issue with the “More indicator number and the more indicator popup’s date is not converted to different culture” has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • ## I323998 - Issue with “Sidebar changed event is not triggered when closing” has been resolved.

  • ## I323161 - Issue with “Sidebar disrespecting MediaQuery after page load” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## F162362 - Issue with “Slider OnChange event is not triggered when setting ShowButtons as true” has been resolved.

Stock Chart

New Features

  • ## F164240 - Added event for period selection in Stock Chart.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I307694 - Issue with “MouseTrail is not working when using OpenDelay” has been resolved.

Tree Grid

New Features

  • Provided Dynamic Object Data Binding support.

Bug Fixes

  • ## I325311 - DropDown Edit with custom dataSource works fine.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I309136 - The issue with “The given animation effect is not applied in the TreeView” has been resolved.
  • ## I317676 - The issue with “The root level first node flickers when performing any operations in the TreeView” has been resolved.

Visual Studio Extensions

Bug Fixes

  • ## Feedback24708 - The German language issue in Syncfusion Blazor Template Studio has been resolved.
  • ## Feedback24733 - Enabled the Syncfusion Blazor Code Generator extension in the Blazor application’s pages folder.
  • ## Feedback24824 - Enabled all of the Blazor application model classes for Kanban component in Syncfusion Blazor Code Generator.