Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

September 7, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • #FB28075 - Issue with “overflow template is duplicated in the input element while resizing the browser” has been resolved.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #F168163 - DownloadFileName works properly when loading the document from documentPath.
  • #F167563, #I338441, #I338820 - The height of the parent div element will be applied properly to the PDF Viewer component.
  • #I337836 - The PDF document will be downloaded correctly without any exception.
  • #I339345, #I340936 - Now, the loading indicator will not spinning continuously when the document is not loaded in the Blazor PDF Viewer.
  • #I338269 - The form-fields data will be retrieved correctly while invoking exportFormFieldsAsObject or exportFormFieldsAsObjectAsync methods.
  • #I339346 - Now, Comment panel will be closed even if the width of the PDF Viewer container is small.
  • #F167997 - Now, the mobile toolbar will be disabled while setting the enableToolbar property to FALSE in the PdfViewerServer.
  • The canvas content size in the handwritten signature is proper for all theme files.

Pivot Table

Bug Fixes

  • #I339779 - Now, using Windows and Basic authentication, the Pivot table works fine with the OLAP cube.


Bug Fixes

  • Default settings of data bar conditional formats are now preserved properly while creating.
  • Number format of total row count calculated value in Excel table is now proper.