Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

February 15, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I364482 - Fixed console error when min and max for the axis is in scientific notation.
  • #I363263 - Radar Chart is now rendering properly when updating the datasource dynamically.
  • #F172450 - TooltipRender event is now triggering properly for stock chart .

Dashboard Layout

Bug fixes

  • #I363136, #F172057 - The issue with “The Dashboard Layout component throws error with IgnoreScriptIsolation” has been resolved.


Bug fixes

  • #F172569 - Issue with “value is not reset to the previous value in the strict mode datepicker while typing the invalid date and previous value is null” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I361949 - The NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #I363267 - The ArgumentException will no longer be thrown while opening a DOCX format document.
  • #I363976 - Hanging issue has been resolved while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #I363849 - Mail merge is now executed properly in a Word document.
  • #I353976 - Table is now preserved properly while resaving a DOCX format document.


Bug fixes

  • SF-363378 - Issue on Splitter settings property value has been fixed.
  • SF-363574 - Issue on inline resource editing has been fixed.


Breaking changes

  • #I350014 - In blazor, when we use data validation for complex data binding, we need to use ValidateComplexType annotation to perform validation. Refer the link for more details
    ValidateComplexType. Now we have changed the our component behavior based on Blazor framework behavior.

  • #I365871, #I365351, #F171900 - ColumnChooser dialog position misalign when using hierarchy grid or multiple grids in single page is fixed. Here, we have changed the column chooser div element ID selector by concatenate the Grid ID.

Bug Fixes

  • #I360072 - Able to select mulitple cells using Shift key when Selection type is of Single is fixed.
  • #F29442 - Problem with sort/filter in grid with virtualization after ‘Set State’ or ‘Reset State’ is fixed.
  • #F171133 - Sorting and Filtering disabled columns shown in Sort/Filter dialog when Vertical adaptive rendering is enabled is fixed.
  • #I357973 - HideAtMedia not working properly for max-width when rotating the screen in mobile mode is fixed.
  • #I364740 - Exception throws while filtering the Grid has been resolved.
  • #F32146 - Exception is thrown when canceling Add Dialog form after deleting all the records in the Grid is fixed.
  • #F32310 - Search does not work for multilevel complex queries is fixed.
  • #I30460 - SiblingsHeight is not applied properly when enable persistence with filtering is fixed.
  • #I360371 - Exception throws when rendering grid with autogenerated columns and enabling columnVirtualization is fixed.
  • #F30582 - GridCommandColumn header and editform is not left aligned when it has TextAlign property as Left is fixed.

Linear Gauge

Bug fixes

  • #F172367 - The bar pointer will now render properly when the RoundedCornerRadius property is set in the LinearGaugeContainer class.


Bug fixes

  • #I364905 - Issue with “component throws exception while rendering the component with List type" has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #F172317 - The cell width issue has now been resolved when applying column-span in the child grid.
  • The dash style is shown properly when drawing a pen with zero width.
  • #I363406 - Grid overlapping issue will no longer occur while exporting the hierarchical grid.
  • #I364934 - Key not found exception will no longer occur while drawing template from the existing PDF document.
  • #I365065 - Text box field values will be preserved properly when signing the PDF document.
  • #I364032 - Form fields are flattened properly when flattening the form fields in a specific document.
  • #I363434 - Free text annotation is now exported properly in XFDF format.


Bug Fixes

  • #I364177 - Layout slides are now referred properly while adding the slides into PowerPoint presentation.


Bug fixes

  • #SF-362133 - An issue with the Scheduler throws script error while performing virtual scrolling has been fixed.
  • #F172526 - An issue with the appointment description value wrongly mapped to the location field while exporting the appointments as the ICS file has been fixed.


Bug fixes

  • #F172029 - Now, the splitter separator resizing works properly even when there is a horizontal scroll on the page.

Tree Grid

Bug Fixes

  • #I359650 - Resolved CollapseRow/ExpandRow method toggle issue.
  • #I362144 - Addition with different new row position for hierarchy data binding works properly.


Bug fixes

  • #I363359 - The issue with “The SelectedNodes property does not select the previously selected nodes in the UI for TreeView component” has been fixed.
  • #I361975 - The issue with “Invoking ExpandAll method after manually collapsing any tree nodes does not expand all nodes in TreeView component” has been fixed.
  • #I361731 - The issue with “The IsChecked field is not updated in GetTreeData method of TreeView component” has been resolved.