Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

July 27, 2023


Bug Fixes

  • #I480424 - Tooltip values and axis label values now display the same datetime format.


  • #I480179 - Provided support to display thousand separators in the chart tooltip values when the UseGroupingSeparator is enabled.
  • #I480629 - Provided support to obtain the sum of the y-values of the stacked series type chart as arguments in the TooltipRender event.
  • #I477715 - Provided support to obtain the current chart Id from the chart mouse events arguments.
  • #I463811 - Provided support to display the closest points for every visible series on the chart’s shared tooltip.


Bug fixes

  • #I481011 - The PropertyChanged event is now triggered correctly while dragging the group node.


Bug Fixes

  • #I479054 - Paragraph spacing is now preserved properly while converting an RTF format document to PDF.
  • #I480404 - Fit text property of table cell is now preserved properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #I480585 - Footnotes are now linked properly while converting a DOCX format document to HTML.
  • #I481922 - The NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown while calling UpdateDocumentFields() API.

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #I475050 - Resolved the issue in OnKeyDown event
  • #I475597 - While entering an invalid hyperlink address, a warning message is now displayed.
  • #I473464 - Resolved the Toolbar disappear issue while destroy and re-append container instance.
  • #I478156 - Resolved the text cut issue while highlighting selected text

Gantt Chart

Bug Fixes

  • #F182981 - The issue on Expanded/Collapsed event returns data argument null when using ExpandAll/CollapseAll actions has been fixed.
  • #F183469 - The issue with inserting the date and time as a default value in a start date gantt column has been resolved.
  • #F144676 - The issue with cell navigation using tab in the column virtualization sample has been resolved.

Data Grid

Bug Fixes

  • #I480418 - Resolved the issue with DeleteRecordAsync not functioning correctly.
  • #I479764 - Fixed the bug where context menu items were not added properly, when new items were dynamically added in the ContextMenuOpen event.


  • #I362046 - Provided support to customize the edited cell in the OnCellSave and CellSaved events using the CellInfo property.

Code Example

 <SfGrid DataSource="@Orders" Toolbar="@(new List<string>() { "Add", "Delete", "Update", "Cancel" })">
 <GridEvents CellSaved="CellSaveHandler" TValue="Order"></GridEvents>
 <GridEditSettings AllowAdding="true" AllowDeleting="true" AllowEditing="true" Mode="EditMode.Batch"></GridEditSettings>
 @code {
    public void CellSaveHandler(CellSaveArgs<Order> args)
        if (args.Column.Field == "CustomerID")
            // here you can customize using the CellInfo property.
            args.CellInfo.AddClass(new string[] { "custom-class" });
            args.CellInfo.AddStyle(new string[]{ "background: yellow"});
            args.CellInfo.SetAttribute(new Dictionary<string, object>() { { "attribute-test", "attribute-added" } });



  • #I475161 - When the TextOverflow property in HeatMapXAxisTextStyle and HeatMapYAxisTextStyle tags is used, the axis label can now be wrapped or trimmed. Line breaks can be added to the axis labels as well.



  • #F180498, #F180488 - Added support to extracting OCSP and CRL certificates along with their validity from the embedded timestamp during digital signature validation.
  • Added support to remove the specified key from the document information in existing PDF document.

Bug Fixes

  • #I481578 - Fixed an issue where documents would become corrupted after adding security measures and modifying form fields in PDF files.
  • #I481316 - Fixed an issue where the file size would increase when drawing PDF templates with a higher page count.
  • #I477354 - Fixed the issue where the GoToAction was missing during the parsing of an existing button field.
  • #I478104 - Text extraction issues no longer occur in the specific PDF document.
  • #I481951 - Fixed the issue where entire contents are removed while removing this image from the PDF document.
  • #I481959 - Resolved text box fields become non writeable issue while CurrentCulture is “it-IT”.
  • #I473405 - Preservation issue no longer occurs while drawing italic style in true type fonts.
  • #I472415 - StackOverflow exception no longer occurs while drawing PDF template in specific PDF document.
  • #I481473 - Auto-naming issue no longer occurs while signing an existing PDF document with the same signature name.

PDF Viewer

Bug fixes

  • #I473006 - Now, the dimensions of old annotations no longer adjust to new annotations during the editing process. Annotations will maintain their original dimensions unless explicitly modified by the user.

  • #I472672 - The ‘\n’ characters are now handled appropriately during the import process for free text annotations.

  • #I462475 - Auto space will not be added to the free text content while editing, even if the height value is not set in the freeTextSettings.

  • #I473849 - The ImportAnnotationAsync API now works seamlessly for importing annotations from file paths.

  • #I474861 - The tab key now functions properly when navigating through the submit form toolbar.

  • #I475304 - Now, the serialization error will no longer occurs while customizing the line annotations.

  • #I477852 - The Authorization header is now properly included in Syncfusion Blazor SfPdfViewer.

  • #I475730,#I476849 - Allowed interaction now works correctly even for locked annotations.

  • #I475434 - Sticky notes annotations are now displayed properly in the comments panel.

  • #I475267 - The textmarkup annotation now works as expected.

  • The PDF Viewer (NextGen) component now renders properly in MAUI (iOS, Catalyst) environments.

Pivot Table

Breaking Changes


  • The data type of the below properties in the PivotChartSeries class are changed.
Property Name Previous Type Current Type
ColumnSpacing int double


  • #F182235 - Data labels now have a template option, which allows you to customize the appearance of data labels in the pivot chart series in your preferred UI.
  • #F182865, #F183459 - Radius support is provided, allowing the pie chart series to be displayed with a specified radius either commonly or to specific points in the pivot chart.

Bug fixes

  • #F183475 - An issue with the series type not changing when using the ChartSeriesCreated event in the pivot chart has been resolved.
  • #F183046 - An issue with column spacing in the pivot chart has been fixed.

Progress Bar

Bug Fixes

  • #I481573 - Progress bar values are now dynamically updated when the value is updated with a delay.

Rich Text Editor


  • #F468056 - Now, using the PositionX and PositionY arguments in the BeforeQuickToolbarOpenArgs event, the quick toolbar position can be customized.


Bug Fixes

  • #I482425 - An issue with multiple appointment selection not working in Mac device has been fixed.
  • #I475315 - An issue with GetOccurrencesByRange method returns wrong result has been fixed.
  • #I483760 - An issue with RefreshAsync method flash the scheduler events has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #F183108 - Provided PreventFocus support in SelectEventArgs to prevent the focus while selecting the tab item.


Bug Fixes

  • #FB44648 - Data lables of a chart with negative values are now rendered in proper position in Chart to Image conversion.
  • #FB44648 - Chart category axis labels position is now rendered properly in Chart to Image conversion.
  • #FB44648 - Chart category axis labels with postion set as high are now rendered properly in Chart to Image conversion.
  • #FB44648 - Chart data lables with caterogy name being referred from an external document are now rendered in Chart to Image conversion.