Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

May 12, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • ## F151473 - Issue with “value is not set to the virtualization enabled dropdown while changing the value of the component dynamically” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I326293 - Issue with “focus class is not added to the selected day cell while navigating the day cells with keyboard” has been resolved.

File Upload

Bug Fixes

  • ## I309481 - Issue with “progress bar is not updated properly while pausing and resume action in the chunk upload” has been resolved.

  • ## I325002 - Issue with “ OnRemove event is not triggered while calling remove method in the preload files with template” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I309136 - The issue with “The given animation effect is not applied in the TreeView” has been resolved.
  • ## I317676 - The issue with “The root level first node flickers when performing any operations in the TreeView” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I326373 - Issue with “ListView with GroupBy doesn’t work when dataSource is updated dynamically” has been resolved.

  • ## I322576 - Issue with “Last Item in ListView while enabling Virtualization is not visible when updating dataSource dynamically” has been resolved.

  • ## I319428 - Issue with “Nested List with GroupBy and Clicked event” has been resolved.

  • ## I323140 - Issue with “ListView throws NullReference Exception” has been resolved.

  • ## I310980 - Issue with “Selection is not maintained when using GroupBy, Checkbox and Clicked event” has been resolved.

  • ## I321481 - Issue with “ListView component with large dataSourcebreaks when navigating through pages” has been resolved.

  • ## F147442 - Issue with “ListView with HTML Attributes property in DataModel is not working” has been resolved.

  • ## I312423, ## I322576 - Issue with “ListView li Height is not updating properly when setting Virtualization” has been resolved.

  • ## I310991 - Issue with “EnableVirtuazlization is not working while rendering ListView inside Dialog component” has been resolved.

  • ## F160366, ## F165224 - Issue with “GetCheckedItems does not return the expected result” has been resolved.

  • ## I323277 - Issue with “ListView’s checkbox gets toggled when margin is set” has been resolved.

Dashboard Layout

Bug Fixes

  • ## I313722 - Issue with “IDisposable error occurs when navigating through the pages rapidly” has been resolved.

  • ## I324063 - Issue with “Dashboard Layout’s holder when resizing the panel” has been resolved.

  • ## I314704,## I316094,## F163131,## I319187 - Issue with “Column Property is not working properly when adding panel” has been resolved.

  • ## I313618 - Issue with “Dragging and Resizing panel when used in another razor page is not working” has been resolved.

  • ## I315065 - Issue with “Dashboard’s dragging and resizing doesn’t work when dynamically updating the value” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## F163283 - Issue with “Custom Setting Icon in Toolbar not working in FileManager” has been resolved.

  • ## F162848 - Issue with “OnSuccess event is not triggered for Upload action in FileManager” has been resolved.

  • ## F161756 - Issue with “Prevent the upload using access control is not working in FileManager” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## F164265 - Issue with “CellClick event argument returns null for XValue” has been resolved.

  • ## F164061 - Provided support for “Dynamic Update of DataSource in HeatMap”.

Bug Fixes

  • ## I323998 - Issue with “Sidebar changed event is not triggered when closing” has been resolved.

  • ## I323161 - Issue with “Sidebar disrespecting MediaQuery after page load” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## F162362 - Issue with “Slider OnChange event is not triggered when setting ShowButtons as true” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I307694 - Issue with “MouseTrail is not working when using OpenDelay” has been resolved.


New Features

  • Provided support for the table cell merge and split in Rich Text Editor table properties.
  • ## I275771, ## I275873 - Provided BeforePasteCleanUp and AfterPasteCleanUp events for customizing pasted content in the Rich Text Editor.

Breaking Changes


  • Now CommandsWidth model width property is deprecated. Use CommandsWidth - Width property to configure the width for a insert image.

Tree Grid

New Features

  • Provided Dynamic Object Data Binding support.

Bug Fixes

  • ## I325311 - DropDown Edit with custom dataSource works fine.


New Features

  • Provided target support to get the dropped card details when external drag and drop performed.

Gantt Chart

Bug Fixes

  • ## F164925 - Custom field property value is not working properly in tooltip template is fixed.
  • ## I323033,## I325058 - OnActionComplete event not firing in edit actions is fixed.

New Features

  • ## 325375 - Provided support to create dependency by UI interaction on Desktop mode.
  • ## 269637,## 324611 - Provided support for predecessor lag similar to MS Project.
  • ## I306928 - Provided support for restricting zooming level.

Pivot Table

Bug Fixes

  • ## F163479 - The alignment issue in the pivot chart when it is inside a tab has been fixed.

New Features

  • ## F164699 - The raw data of an aggregated cell can now be retrieved using the cell template feature.

In-place Editor

Bug Fixes

  • ## I324603 - The issue with “The date format in the In-place Editor Date type is not working properly when culture(eg: french) is loaded” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I326939 - An issue with the “Scheduler is not allowed to create or edit the events in mobile mode when the property EnableCompactView is true” has been fixed.
  • ## I324870 - An issue with the “Scheduler height is not adjusted in TimelineMonth view when we remove the resources dynamically” has been fixed.
  • ## I324677 - An issue with the “Appointments width are not adjusted properly when we setting up the StartHour and EndHour properties” has been fixed.
  • ## I324994 - An issue with the “More indicator number and the more indicator popup’s date is not converted to different culture” has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I318589 - Perform editing using F2 key throws exception in wasm is fixed.
  • ## I318455 - Update icon in toolbar is in disabled state after invoking UpdateCell method in OnCellSave event is resolved.
  • ## I320369 - Misalignment occurs while performing Autofill in material theme is fixed.
  • ## F165085 - Exception is thrown when trying to search the value in excel/ checkbox filter using DynamicObject as a Grid datasource is solved.
  • ## I322934 - Exception occurs in Grid having GroupCaptionTemplate when grouping GridForeignColumn is fixed.
  • ## I325081 - White space occur when render a Grid with grouping the only AutoFit column is resolved.
  • ## I324901 - IsHeaderCheckboxClicked property was not updated while we prevent the header checkbox selection by enabling the args.cancel value is solved.
  • ## I327055 - Unable to add new record in empty grid when using remote data source is resoved.
  • ## F163661, ## I326380 - Grid behaves as Multiple Selection when dynamically changing SelectionType to Single and then removing checkbox column is fixed.

New Features

  • ## I309288 - Improved Batch editing functionality to save adjacent cells value in OnCellSave event.
  • Provided SetAttribute method support in QueryCellInfo and RowDataBound events.

Masked Textbox

Bug Fixes

  • ## I324674 - Issue with “typed character is not converted to the upper case while typing more than alphabets to the masked input” has been resolved.


Breaking Changes

Property Name Previous Type Current Type
Scope SfListBox<TValue, TItem> string


Previous Now
public async Task MoveAllTo(SfListBox<TValue, TItem> scope = null, double? index = null) public async Task MoveAllTo(string scope = null, double? index = null)
public async Task MoveTo(TValue values = default, double? index = null, SfListBox<TValue, TItem> scope = null) public async Task MoveTo(TValue values = default, double? index = null, string scope = null)

New Features

  • I308642, I318690 - Drag and drop can be performed between more listboxes.
  • I312710 - Custom TValue support added.

Bug Fixes

  • I325932 - The issue with @attribute not working for ID property has been resolved.

Bug Fixes

  • I323559 - SubMenu flickering issue has been resolved.
  • F163656 - The issue “Script error thrown while opening another menu before closing the menu popup” has been reolved.


Bug Fixes

  • F164638 - The issue with the predicate not working properly in complex condition has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • ## I326178 - Arrow will now render properly in the navigation line with tile maps.


Bug Fixes

  • ## F164644 - AxisLabelRender event now trigger properly on chart initial loading.

Stock Chart

New Features

  • ## F164240 - Added event for period selection in Stock Chart.

Visual Studio Extensions

Bug Fixes

  • ## Feedback24708 - The German language issue in Syncfusion Blazor Template Studio has been resolved.
  • ## Feedback24733 - Enabled the Syncfusion Blazor Code Generator extension in the Blazor application’s pages folder.
  • ## Feedback24824 - Enabled all of the Blazor application model classes for Kanban component in Syncfusion Blazor Code Generator.