Globalization in Blazor RichTextEditor Component

4 Oct 202116 minutes to read


The Rich Text Editor provides an option to localize its strings; it is used for adapting the editor to a particular local language. By default, the editor will use the US English (en-US) as its language. Find the table with a list of keys and their corresponding values for the default language (en-US).

Use Resource file to translate the static text of the Rich Text Editor. The Resource file is an XML file which contains the strings(key and value pairs) that you want to translate into different language. You can also refer Localization link to know more about how to configure and use localization in the Blazor Server and WebAssembly project for Syncfusion Blazor components.

Locale key en-US (default)
RichTextEditor_Alignments Alignments
RichTextEditor_JustifyLeft Align Left
RichTextEditor_JustifyCenter Align Center
RichTextEditor_JustifyRight Align Right
RichTextEditor_JustifyFull Align Justify
RichTextEditor_FontName Font Name
RichTextEditor_FontColor Font Color
RichTextEditor_BackgroundColor Background Color
RichTextEditor_Bold Bold
RichTextEditor_Italic Italic
RichTextEditor_Underline Underline
RichTextEditor_Strikethrough Strikethrough
RichTextEditor_ClearFormat Clear Format
RichTextEditor_ClearAll Clear All
RichTextEditor_Cut Cut
RichTextEditor_Copy Copy
RichTextEditor_Paste Paste
RichTextEditor_UnorderedList Bulleted List
RichTextEditor_OrderedList Numbered List
RichTextEditor_Indent Increase Indent
RichTextEditor_Outdent Decrease Indent
RichTextEditor_Undo Undo
RichTextEditor_Redo Redo
RichTextEditor_Superscript Superscript
RichTextEditor_Subscript Subscript
RichTextEditor_CreateLink Insert Link
RichTextEditor_OpenLink Open Link
RichTextEditor_EditLink Edit Link
RichTextEditor_RemoveLink Remove Link
RichTextEditor_Image Insert Image
RichTextEditor_Replace Replace
RichTextEditor_Align Align
RichTextEditor_Caption Image Caption
RichTextEditor_Remove Remove
RichTextEditor_InsertLink Insert Link
RichTextEditor_Display Display
RichTextEditor_AltText Alternative Text
RichTextEditor_Dimension Change Size
RichTextEditor_Fullscreen Maximize
RichTextEditor_Maximize RichTextEditor_Maximize
RichTextEditor_Minimize Minimize
RichTextEditor_LowerCase Lower Case
RichTextEditor_UpperCase Upper Case
RichTextEditor_Print Print
RichTextEditor_Formats Formats
RichTextEditor_Sourcecode Code View
RichTextEditor_Preview Preview
RichTextEditor_Viewside ViewSide
RichTextEditor_InsertCode Insert Code
RichTextEditor_LinkText Display Text
RichTextEditor_LinkTooltipLabel Title
RichTextEditor_LinkWebUrl Web Address
RichTextEditor_LinkTitle Enter a title
RichTextEditor_LinkOpenInNewWindow Open Link in New Window
RichTextEditor_LinkHeader Insert Link
RichTextEditor_DialogInsert Insert
RichTextEditor_DialogCancel Cancel
RichTextEditor_DialogUpdate Update
RichTextEditor_ImageHeader Insert Image
RichTextEditor_ImageLinkHeader You can also provide a link from the web
RichTextEditor_MdImageLink Please provide a URL for your image
RichTextEditor_ImageUploadMessage Drop image here or browse to upload
RichTextEditor_ImageDeviceUploadMessage Click here to upload
RichTextEditor_ImageAlternateText Alternate Text
RichTextEditor_Browse Browse
RichTextEditor_ImageCaption Caption
RichTextEditor_ImageSizeHeader Image Size
RichTextEditor_ImageHeight Height
RichTextEditor_ImageWidth Width
RichTextEditor_TextPlaceholder Enter Text
RichTextEditor_InsertTableBtn Insert Table
RichTextEditor_TableDialogHeader Insert Table
RichTextEditor_TableWidth Width
RichTextEditor_Cellpadding Cell Padding
RichTextEditor_Cellspacing Cell Spacing
RichTextEditor_Columns Number of columns
RichTextEditor_Rows Number of rows
RichTextEditor_TableRows Table Rows
RichTextEditor_TableColumns Table Columns
RichTextEditor_TableCellHorizontalAlign Table Cell Horizontal Align
RichTextEditor_TableCellVerticalAlign Table Cell Vertical Align
RichTextEditor_CreateTable Create Table
RichTextEditor_RemoveTable Remove Table
RichTextEditor_TableHeader Table Header
RichTextEditor_TableRemove Table Remove
RichTextEditor_TableCellBackground Table Cell Background
RichTextEditor_TableEditProperties Table Edit Properties
RichTextEditor_Styles Styles
RichTextEditor_InsertColumnLeft Insert Column Left
RichTextEditor_InsertColumnRight Insert Column Right
RichTextEditor_DeleteColumn Delete Column
RichTextEditor_InsertRowBefore Insert Row Before
RichTextEditor_InsertRowAfter Insert Row After
RichTextEditor_DeleteRow Delete Row
RichTextEditor_TableEditHeader Edit Table
RichTextEditor_TableHeadingText Heading
RichTextEditor_TableColText Col
RichTextEditor_ImageInsertLinkHeader Insert Link
RichTextEditor_EditImageHeader Edit Image
RichTextEditor_AlignmentsDropDownLeft Align Left
RichTextEditor_AlignmentsDropDownCenter Align Center
RichTextEditor_AlignmentsDropDownRight Align Right
RichTextEditor_AlignmentsDropDownJustify Align Justify
RichTextEditor_ImageDisplayDropDownInline Inline
RichTextEditor_ImageDisplayDropDownBreak Break
RichTextEditor_TableInsertRowDropDownBefore Insert row before
RichTextEditor_TableInsertRowDropDownAfter Insert row after
RichTextEditor_TableInsertRowDropDownDelete Delete row
RichTextEditor_TableInsertColumnDropDownLeft Insert column left
RichTextEditor_TableInsertColumnDropDownRight Insert column right
RichTextEditor_TableInsertColumnDropDownDelete Delete column
RichTextEditor_TableVerticalAlignDropDownTop Align Top
RichTextEditor_TableVerticalAlignDropDownMiddle Align Middle
RichTextEditor_TableVerticalAlignDropDownBottom Align Bottom
RichTextEditor_TableStylesDropDownDashedBorder Dashed Borders
RichTextEditor_TableStylesDropDownAlternateRows Alternate Rows
RichTextEditor_PasteFormat Paste Format
RichTextEditor_PasteFormatContent Choose the formatting action
RichTextEditor_PlainText Plain Text
RichTextEditor_CleanFormat Clean
RichTextEditor_KeepFormat Keep
RichTextEditor_PasteDialogOk OK
RichTextEditor_PasteDialogCancel Cancel
RichTextEditor_FormatsDropDownParagraph Paragraph
RichTextEditor_FormatsDropDownCode Code
RichTextEditor_FormatsDropDownQuotation Quotation
RichTextEditor_FormatsDropDownHeading1 Heading 1
RichTextEditor_FormatsDropDownHeading2 Heading 2
RichTextEditor_FormatsDropDownHeading3 Heading 3
RichTextEditor_FormatsDropDownHeading4 Heading 4
RichTextEditor_FormatsDropDownHeading5 Heading 5
RichTextEditor_FormatsDropDownHeading6 Heading 6
RichTextEditor_FontNameSegoeUI Segoe UI
RichTextEditor_FontNameArial Arial
RichTextEditor_FontNameGeorgia Georgia
RichTextEditor_FontNameImpact Impact
RichTextEditor_FontNameTahoma Tahoma
RichTextEditor_FontNameTimesNewRoman Times New Roman
RichTextEditor_FontNameVerdana Verdana

The following sample code block demonstrates that the Rich Text Editor control rendered with de-DE German language.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.RichTextEditor

    <p>The Rich Text Editor component is WYSIWYG ('what you see is what you get') editor that provides the best user experience to create and update the content. Users can format their content using standard toolbar commands.</p>
    <p><b> Key features:</b></p>
    <li><p> Provides <b>IFRAME</b> and <b>DIV</b> modes </p></li>
    <li><p> Capable of handling markdown editing.</p></li>
    <li><p> Contains a modular library to load the necessary functionality on demand.</p></li>
    <li><p> Provides a fully customizable toolbar.</p></li>
    <li><p> Provides HTML view to edit the source directly for developers.</p></li>
    <li><p> Supports third - party library integration.</p></li>

The output will be as follows.

Localization in Blazor RichTextEditor


Specifies the direction of the Rich Text Editor component using the EnableRtl property. For writing systems will require Arabic, Hebrew, and more. The direction can be switched to right-to-left.

EnableRtl property will not change, based on current culture.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.RichTextEditor

<SfRichTextEditor EnableRtl="true" />

The output will be as follows.

Right to Left in Blazor RichTextEditor

You can refer to our Blazor Rich Text Editor feature tour page for its groundbreaking feature representations. You can also explore our Blazor Rich Text Editor example to knows how to render and configureĀ the rich text editor tools.