Accessibility in Blazor Scheduler Component

3 Nov 20214 minutes to read

Accessibility is achieved in the Scheduler component through WAI-ARIA standard and keyboard navigation. The Scheduler features can be effectively accessed through assistive technologies such as screen readers.


WAI-ARIA (Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications) defines a way to increase the accessibility of web pages, dynamic content, and user interface components developed with Ajax, HTML, JavaScript, and related technologies. ARIA provides additional semantics to describe the role, state, and functionality of web components.

The following ARIA attributes are used in the Scheduler:

Property Functionalities
role It gives assistive technologies about how to handle each element in a widget.
aria-disabled It indicates the disabled state of the Scheduler.
aria-selected It indicates the currently selected cell of the Scheduler.
aria-live It indicates a string value that labels the Scheduler element.
aria-label It indicates the disabled state of the Scheduler and its items.
aria-labelledby It indicates editor dialog title to the user through assistive technologies.
aria-describedby It indicates editor dialog content description to the user through assistive technologies.

Keyboard navigation

All the Scheduler actions can be controlled via keyboard keys and is availed by using AllowKeyboardInteraction property which is set to true by default. The applicable key combinations and its relative functionalities are listed below.

Interaction Keys Description
Alt + j Focuses the Scheduler [Provided from application end].
Tab Focuses the first or active item on the scheduler header bar and then move the focus to the next available event elements. If no events present, then focus moves out of the component.
Shift + Tab Reverse focusing of the Tab functionality. Inverse focusing of event elements from the last one and then move onto the first or active item on Scheduler header bar and then moves out of the component.
Enter Opens the quick popup on the selected cells or events.
Escape Closes any of the popup that are in open state.
Arrow To move onto the next available cells in either of the needed directions (left, right, top and right)
Shift + Arrow For multiple cell selection on either direction.
Delete Deletes one or more selected events.
Ctrl + Click on events To select multiple events.
Alt + Number (from 1 to 6) To switch between the views on Scheduler.
Ctrl + Left Arrow To navigate to the previous date period.
Ctrl + Right Arrow To navigate to the next date period.
Left or Right Arrow On pressing any of these keys when focus is currently on the Scheduler header bar, moves the focus to the previous or next items in the header bar.
Space or Enter It activates any of the focused items.
Page Up & Page Down To scroll through the work cells area.
Home To move the selection to the first cell of Scheduler.