Accessibility in Blazor Tabs Component

25 Feb 20224 minutes to read

ARIA attributes

Blazor Tabs component is designed by considering WAI-ARIA standard. Tab is supported with ARIA Accessibility which is accessible by on-screen readers, and other assistive technology devices.
The following list of attributes are added in the Tab.

Roles and Attributes Functionalities
tablist This is set to role attribute in the Tab element that describes actual role of the element.
tabpanel This is set to role attribute for the Tab content that describes the role for viewing the active content.
presentation This is set to role attribute for nested elements in the Tab.
aria-orientation It indicates the Tab header orientation. Default value of this attribute is horizontal.
aria-activedescendant It indicates the current active child of the Tab component.
aria-haspopup It indicates the popup mode in the Tab. The default value of this attribute is false. If popup mode is enabled, the attribute value is set to true.
aria-disabled It indicates the disabled state of the Tab.
aria-selected It indicates the selection state for Tab items. Active Tab is set to true for this attribute.
aria-hidden It indicates the hidden element of the Tab.
aria-controls It indicates the associated tabpanel for the header.
aria-labelledby It indicates the associated Tab header for the content.

Keyboard interaction

By default, keyboard navigation is enabled. This component implements keyboard navigation support by following the WAI-ARIA practices. Once focused on the active Tab element, use the following key combination for interacting with the Tab.

Key Description
Left Moves focus to the previous Tab. If focus is on the first Tab, the focus will not move to any Tab.
Right Moves focus to the next Tab. If focus is on the last Tab element, the focus will not move to any Tab.
Enter or Space Selects the Tab if it is not selected. Opens the popup dropdown icon if it is focused. Select the Tab item as active when popup item is focused.
Esc(Escape) Closes the popup if popup is in opened state.
Down or Up When the popup is open and focused, it will move to previous or next Tab items of the popup in the vertical direction.
Home Moves focus to the first Tab.
End Moves focus to the last Tab.
Shift + F10 If popup mode is enabled, it opens the popup when the Tab is focused.
Delete Deletes the Tab, if close button is enabled in Tab header.