Sizing in Blazor TextBox Component

7 Oct 20211 minute to read

The TextBox can be rendered in two different sizes:

Property Description
Normal By default, the TextBox is rendered with normal size.
Small Add e-small class to the input element, or else add to the input container.
@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Inputs

<SfTextBox Placeholder="Enter text"></SfTextBox>

<label>Float input</label>
<SfTextBox Placeholder="Focus the input" FloatLabelType="@FloatLabelType.Auto"></SfTextBox>

<SfTextBox Placeholder="Enter text" CssClass="e-small"></SfTextBox>

<label>Float input</label>
<SfTextBox Placeholder="Focus the input" CssClass="e-small" FloatLabelType="@FloatLabelType.Auto"></SfTextBox>

Changin Blazor TextBox Size