Reverse in Blazor Timeline component

20 Mar 20241 minute to read

You can display the Timeline items in reverse order, for different alignments by using the Reverse property which provides adaptability and improves user interaction.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Layouts

<div class="container" style="height: 350px">
    <SfTimeline Reverse=true Alignment=TimelineAlignment.Before>
                <Content> June 2022 </Content>
                <OppositeContent> Graduated <br/> Bachelors in Computer Engineering </OppositeContent>
                <Content> Aug 2022 </Content>
                <OppositeContent> Software Engineering Internship <br /> ABC Software and Technology </OppositeContent>
                <Content> Feb 2023 </Content>
                <OppositeContent> Associate Software Engineer <br/> ABC Software and Technology </OppositeContent>
                <Content> Mar 2024 </Content>
                <OppositeContent> Software Level 1 Engineer <br /> XYZ Solutions </OppositeContent>

Blazor Timeline Component with Common Customized Connector