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Methods in Blazor TreeMap component

08 Apr 2021 / 2 minutes to read

Using methods in TreeMap component

You can create object for the treemap component using @ref and call the Print method as shown in the following example.

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<button @onclick="PrintMap">Print tree map</button>
<SfTreeMap @ref="treemap" @ref:suppressField DataSource="@growthReport"
    <TreeMapLeafItemSettings LabelPath="Name" Fill="lightgray">

@code {
    SfTreeMap<Country> treemap;
    void PrintMap()
    class Country
        public string Name;
        public double GDP;
    private List<Country> growthReport = new List<Country> {
        new Country  {Name="United States", GDP=17946 },
        new Country  {Name="China", GDP=10866 },
        new Country  {Name="Japan", GDP=4123 },
        new Country  {Name="Germany", GDP=3355 },
        new Country  {Name="United Kingdom", GDP=2848 },
        new Country  {Name="France", GDP=2421 },
        new Country  {Name="India", GDP=2073 },
        new Country  {Name="Italy", GDP=1814 },
        new Country  {Name="Brazil", GDP=1774 },
        new Country  {Name="Canada", GDP=1550 }

Available methods


Description: Export the current treemap component to different file formats such as PNG, PDF, JPEG and SVG.

Return: void

Argument name Description
type Define the export type(PNG, PDF, JPEG and SVG)
file name Define the file name
orientation Define the orientation(horizontal, vertical)


Description: To print the rendered treemap directly.

Return: void


Description: To handle the window resize event on treemap.

Return: void

Argument name Description
pointerEvent Specifies the pointer event


Description: The component is rendered again. Whenever you make changes with the treemap properties.

Return: void