Syncfusion recommends using Blazor PDF Viewer (NextGen) Component which provides fast rendering of pages and improved performance. Also, there is no need of external Web service for processing the files and ease out the deployment complexity. It can be used in Blazor Server, WASM and MAUI applications without any changes.

Handwritten Signature in Blazor PDF Viewer Component

5 Sep 20231 minute to read

The PDF Viewer control supports adding handwritten signatures to a PDF document. The handwritten signature reduces the paper work of reviewing the content and verifies it digitally.

Adding a handwritten signature to the PDF document

The handwritten signature can be added to the PDF document using the annotation toolbar.

  • Click the Edit Annotation button in the PDF Viewer toolbar. A toolbar appears below it.
  • Select the HandWritten Signature button in the annotation toolbar. The signature panel will appear.

HandWritten Signature in Blazor PDFViewer

  • Draw the signature in the signature panel.

Displaying Signature Panel in Blazor PDFViewer

  • Then click Create button and move the signature using the mouse and place them in the desired location.

Adding Signature in Blazor PDFViewer

Editing the properties of handwritten signature

The stroke color, border thickness, and opacity of the handwritten signature can be edited using the edit stroke color tool, edit thickness tool, and edit opacity tool in the annotation toolbar.

Editing Signature Properties in Blazor PDFViewer


You can refer to the Blazor PDF Viewer feature tour page for its groundbreaking feature representations. You can also explore the Blazor PDF Viewer example to understand how to explain core features of PDF Viewer.