Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

February 1, 2023


Bug Fixes

  • #I428780 - Polar and Radar chart data labels are now rendered properly.
  • #I430911 - Chart secondary axis is now proper on dynamic update.
  • #I430680 - Chart datalabel format is now applied for tooltip.


Bug Fixes

  • #I421735 - The issue with Chip states get changed while interacting with the DataGrid component issue has been fixed.


Bug fixes

#I430346 - The issue with the “AppendTo event argument in the OnOpen event not functioning properly” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I419505 - Document is now preserved properly after calling AcceptAll method.
  • #I428035 - Document protection is now maintained properly while converting a DOC to DOCX format document.
  • #I425395 - Table style is now applied properly while converting a HTML to DOCX format document.
  • #I425444, #I427182 - Table is now preserved properly while converting a DOCX format document to PDF.

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #I426081 - Included the Footnote while printing.
  • #I426150 - Resolved the Whole Paragraph moving while entering TAB key.
  • #I425934 - Resolved the Error Message while opening the document in Ms Word.
  • #I430307 - Table is now pasted while pasting the copied table content.
  • #I430526 - Resolved the issue while comment post a comment and removing the content.


Bug Fixes

  • #I428998 - The issue of the Blazor File Manager component becoming uninteractive when cancelling the BeforePopupOpen event has been resolved.

  • #I428259 - The FileManager component’s OnSend event binding issue has been fixed.

  • #I428003 - The issue with the Blazor File Manager component Upload not functioning properly when more than one HTTP header is present has been fixed.

Gantt Chart

Bug Fixes

  • #I429435 - Issue on scrollbar rendering when setting 100% width and height has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I418627 - The issue with console errors being thrown when trying to add or edit a record in a grid containing multiple GridForeignColumn with the same field names and conflicting validation rules has been resolved.
  • #I431382 - The issue with console errors being thrown while selecting a row in the datagrid that consists of a detail template has been resolved.
  • #I429646 - The issue with missing translation resource keys in v20.4.0.43 has been resolved.


Breaking changes

  • To accept decimal values, the type of the Interval property in the HeatMapXAxis and HeatMapYAxis tags has been changed from int to double.

Bug fixes

  • #I427254 - The Minimum, Maximum and Interval properties in the x-axis and y-axis will now properly.


Bug fixes

  • #I29147 - The legend and shape colors will be reset to their default colors when the data source is changed dynamically after the selection is performed.


Bug fixes

  • #425085 - The issue “Multiselect component Placeholder padding was not equal to dropdown components” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I425779 - The text display location is now functioning correctly for PDF EAN Barcodes.
  • #I427697 - Preservation issue in the form no longer occurs after setting the default appearance to the form field.
  • #I429282 - The PDF document now conforms to standards, and the metadata has been successfully updated.
  • #I429447 - An exception will no longer occur while flattening the annotations in the PDF document.
  • #I429552 - The scanning of PdfCode93 and UPC barcodes is now functioning correctly even when drawn multiple times.
  • #I430456 - The position of the Pie when drawn is now accurate when using floating point values.
  • #I428728 - Hanging issues no longer occurs when performing Pdf to PDF/A conversion.
  • #F179370 - Annotations and form fields missing issue will no longer occur when loading PDF documents.
  • #I425746 - Text extraction with Line collection returns correct results.
  • #I423955 - Culture changes to the invariant issue will no longer occur after performing Extract text operation.

PDF Viewer

New Features:

  • #I421067 - Provided the support to show the valid time in the comment panel for any culture.

Bug Fixes

  • #I406653 - EnableCommentPalel API is now working properly.
  • #F176710 - Focus remains on the shape annotation issue, which is now working properly.
  • #I406538 - Check box status is now updated properly on printing.
  • #I403239 - Issue with resizing the stamp annotation is now resolved.
  • #I407890 - The issue with the second free text annotation being removed when the first is selected has been resolved.
  • #I410494 - The issue with the imported free text annotation not being in the proper position in the rotated document has been fixed.
  • #I403239 - Issue with changing the resizer fill color of the custom stamp is now working properly.
  • Issue with loading the PDF document with form fields issue is now resolved.
  • #I415749 - Without the need for page scrolling, the cut operation after selecting the annotation now working correctly.
  • #I416064 - Script error when disabling the toolbar has now been fixed.
  • #I416671 - Dropdown values are not properly updated while the print is now working properly.

Pivot Table

Breaking Changes


  • The name of the event has been renamed as shown below.
Previous Name Current Name
OnLegendRender OnLegendItemRender
  • The type of event has been changed as shown below.
Event Name Previous Now
OnLegendItemRender EventCallback<Syncfusion.Blazor.Charts.LegendRenderEventArgs> Action<Syncfusion.Blazor.Charts.LegendRenderEventArgs>

Bug fixes

  • #I430309 - Pivot table can now be properly exported to an Excel document with modified file name.


Bug fixes

  • #I429468 - An issue with Recurrence rule were generated for invalid until date has been resolved.
  • #F175485 - Exception thrown when loading resource data asyncronously in OnInitialized lifecycle has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #I411112 - SmithChart initial performance has been improved.

Tree Grid

Bug Fixes

  • #I427739 - Fixed issue where cell was not focused when using column template.
  • #I424670 - Fixed issue with bottom line not being visible after performing collapse action in Treegrid.
  • #I414608,#I429025 - Fixed issue where the record was hidden while expanding the record when virtualization was enabled.


Bug Fixes

  • Exception thrown while exporting data table with formulas is now resolved.