Histogram in Blazor Charts Component

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Histogram Chart can provide a visual display of large amounts of data that are difficult to understand in a tabular or spreadsheet form and it can be rendered by specifying the series Type to Histogram.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Charts

<SfChart Title="Score of Final Examination">
    <ChartArea><ChartAreaBorder Width="0"></ChartAreaBorder></ChartArea>

    <ChartPrimaryXAxis Minimum="0" Maximum="100">
        <ChartAxisMajorGridLines Width="0"></ChartAxisMajorGridLines>

    <ChartPrimaryYAxis Minimum="0" Maximum="6" Interval="2" Title="Number of Students">
        <ChartAxisMajorGridLines Width="0"></ChartAxisMajorGridLines>

        <ChartSeries DataSource="@ExamScores" YName="Y" Type="ChartSeriesType.Histogram" BinInterval="20" ShowNormalDistribution="true" ColumnWidth="0.99">
            <ChartMarker Visible="true" Height="10" Width="10">
                <ChartDataLabel Visible="true" Position="Syncfusion.Blazor.Charts.LabelPosition.Top">
                    <ChartDataLabelFont Color="#ffffff" FontWeight="600"></ChartDataLabelFont>

    <ChartTooltipSettings Enable="true"></ChartTooltipSettings>


    public class Data
        public double Y { get; set;}

    public List<Data> ExamScores = new List<Data>
       new Data { Y=5.250},
       new Data { Y=7.750},
       new Data { Y=8.275},
       new Data { Y=9.750},
       new Data { Y=36.250},
       new Data { Y=46.250},
       new Data { Y=56.250},
       new Data { Y=66.500},
       new Data { Y=76.625},
       new Data { Y=80.000},
       new Data { Y=97.750}

Blazor Histogram Chart


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