Pareto in Blazor Charts Component

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Pareto Chart is used to find the cumulative values of data in different categories. It is a combination of Column and Line series. The initial values are represented by column chart and the cumulative values are represented by line chart. To render a pareto chart, set series Type to Pareto.

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Charts

<SfChart Title="Defect vs Frequency">

    <ChartPrimaryXAxis ValueType="Syncfusion.Blazor.Charts.ValueType.Category" Interval="1" Title="Defects">
        <ChartAxisLineStyle Width="0"></ChartAxisLineStyle>
        <ChartAxisMajorTickLines Width="0"></ChartAxisMajorTickLines>
        <ChartAxisMajorGridLines Width="0"></ChartAxisMajorGridLines>
        <ChartAxisMinorTickLines Width="0"></ChartAxisMinorTickLines>
        <ChartAxisMinorGridLines Width="0"></ChartAxisMinorGridLines>

    <ChartPrimaryYAxis Title="Frequency" Minimum="0" Maximum="150" Interval="30">
        <ChartAxisLineStyle Width="0"></ChartAxisLineStyle>
        <ChartAxisMajorTickLines Width="0"></ChartAxisMajorTickLines>
        <ChartAxisMajorGridLines Width="1"></ChartAxisMajorGridLines>
        <ChartAxisMinorTickLines Width="0"></ChartAxisMinorTickLines>
        <ChartAxisMinorGridLines Width="1"></ChartAxisMinorGridLines>

        <ChartSeries DataSource="@Data" XName="X" YName="Y" Name="Defect" Width="2" Type="ChartSeriesType.Pareto">
            <ChartMarker Visible="true" Height="10" Width="10">

    <ChartLegendSettings Visible="false"></ChartLegendSettings>

    public class ChartData
        public string X { get; set; }
        public double Y { get; set; }

    public List<ChartData> Data = new List<ChartData>
        new ChartData { X= "Traffic", Y= 56 },
        new ChartData { X= "Child Care", Y= 44.8 },
        new ChartData { X= "Transport", Y= 27.2 },
        new ChartData { X= "Weather", Y= 19.6 },
        new ChartData { X= "Emergency", Y= 6.6 }

Blazor Pareto Chart


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