Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

June 30, 2022



  • Added additional support for referring component-wise Blazor scripts externally in the application end. Each component has only one script reference and no need to refer it’s dependent component scripts (handled internally to load their dependency scripts automatically) in the application end. Blazor component-wise scripts are also now available in CDN with this release.

    You can add a component script reference in one of the following ways, for example, to use the SfTextBox component script.

    Reference scripts from NuGet

    From Syncfusion.Blazor NuGet package:

      <script  src="_content/Syncfusion.Blazor/scripts/sf-textbox.min.js"  type="text/javascript"></script>

    From individual NuGet package:

      <script  src="_content/Syncfusion.Blazor.Inputs/scripts/sf-textbox.min.js"  type="text/javascript"></script>

    Reference scripts from CDN

      <script  src=""  type="text/javascript"></script>
  • Improved performance in all blazor components by optimizing message length of SignalR calls.

  • Provided support to enable or disable the animation globally by using Animation property. If the Animation value is GlobalAnimationMode.Enable, animation is enabled; If the Animation value is GlobalAnimationMode.Disable, animation is disabled. Default value of Animation is GlobalAnimationMode.Default.

       services.AddSyncfusionBlazor(options =>
           options.Animation = GlobalAnimationMode.Disable;

Breaking changes

  • Syncfusion Blazor components no longer support .NET 5, although we will continue to support .NET 3.1 and .NET 6. We recommend that you upgrade to .NET 6 to take advantage of new features and new components in the latest release. If you are unable to update to .NET 6, you may continue to use version 20.1 in your .NET 5 projects.
  • #I379513 - Asynchronous methods without the Async suffix are marked as obsolete since equivalent methods with Async suffix already exposed for all methods.


  • Provided option to play or pause the slides when hovering the mouse pointer over the Carousel element.
  • Provided an option to define custom animations on the application end.



  • #F173051 - Provided template support for the shared tooltip in the chart.
  • Provided MouseMove, MouseClick, MouseUp, MouseDown events to identify mouse actions in the chart.

Date Range Picker

Bug fixes

  • #I384303 - Issue with “custom class is not added to the day cell while adding class using RenderDayCell event” has been resolved.


Bug fixes

  • #I384274: The Null reference exception will no longer occur while dragging the SfDialog in a Diagram.
  • #I383438: The Null reference exception will no longer occur while adding a node to the diagram after disposal occurred.
  • #I382683: Now, the custom Node is properly added to the nodes collection when it is not directly derived from the Node class.
  • #I378218: The Node content is now visible when trying to add a node with the TextShape in the SymbolPalette.


  • Provided the support for rendering and customization of the context menu. It will be shown when you right-click on the diagram and its elements such as Nodes, Connectors, and Groups.
  • Provided the support to render the complex hierarchical tree layout.
  • Provided the support to reset the current zoom value of the diagram page to 100% when the diagram is in a zoom in or zoom out state.
  • Provided the support to control the stacking order (Z-Order) of the diagram elements such as nodes, connectors, and groups by using the BringToFront or BringForward and SendToBack or SendBackward commands.
  • Provided the support to expand and collapse child nodes in the diagram.
  • Provided the percentage support for the Diagram.

Breaking changes


The following class names have been modified to the new class names.

Old Class New Class
GridLines DiagramGridLines
Canvas DiagramCanvas
ICommonElement CommonElement
Margin DiagramThickness
Thickness DiagramThickness
ICommonController CommonController


The following property names in the mentioned class have been changed to the new property name.

Class Old Name New Name
HistoryChangedEventArgs Type EntryType


The following method names in the mentioned class have been changed to the new method name.

Class/enum Old Name New Name
SfDiagramComponent UnGroup Ungroup


The following enum names have been renamed to the new names.

Old Enum Name New Enum Name
Shapes NodeShapes
BasicShapeType NodeBasicShapes
FlowShapeType NodeFlowShapes
Actions DiagramElementAction
InteractionController DiagramInteractions
ConnectorShapeType ConnectorShapes
Keys DiagramKeys
Whitespace DiagramWhitespace
Scale DiagramScale

Enums Value

The following enum values have been changed to the new enum value.

enum Old Value New Value
SizingMode Size Both
HistoryEntryType UnGroup Ungroup


Breaking Changes

Obsolete event OnOverlayClick have been removed, instead use OnOverlayModalClick event.


  • #I347483 - Provided support, which allows you to render and show confirm, alert, and prompt dialogs on demand by calling the public utility methods.

Bug fixes

  • #FB35097 - Now e-device CSS class will inherit all style properties from component’s style file and also allows to override the styles properly.



  • #I193695, #I204886, #I206463, #I206930, #I207625, #I208400, #I219802, #I223333, #I224205, #I224532, #I230524, #I286086, #I288430, #I304956, #I310217, #I135185, #I135243, #I156004, #F119389, #I157231, #F125603, #I163232, #I164076, #I164410, #I164724, #I167776, #I170758, #F129910, #F129911, #I177323, #I156820, #I182239, #I189834, #I197733, #I158678, #I161942, #I175960, #I178173, #I169491, #I180412, #I181509, #I183143, #I183750, #F131672, #I185703, #I185793, #I185927, #I186314, #I173965, #I187805, #I188727, #I193069, #I193695, #I184554, #I195475, #I195671, #F127227, #I197345, #I197187, #F132419, #I197374, #I198721 - Convert Word document to images.
  • #FB28877 - Insert text wrapping break in a Word document.
  • #I61189, #I244076 - Customize the mail merge execution to start a new page for each group of records in a Word document.
  • #I343315 - Access or set the internal margins for shapes in the Word document.
  • #I315632 - Create a Waterfall chart in the DOCX format document.
  • DotDotDashHeavy, DottedHeavy, and Thick underline styles render as they are in the input Word document during Word to PDF conversion.

Bug Fixes

  • #I380680, #I381402 - Bookmark content is now deleted properly while calling DeleteBookmarkContent API.
  • #I379675 - The IndexOutOfRangeException will no longer be thrown while deleting the bookmark content.
  • #I379146 - Map chart is now preserved properly while resaving a DOCX format document.
  • #I378787 - Shape border is now preserved properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #I376761 - Table is now preserved properly while resaving a DOC format document.
  • #I375541 - TextBox line join type is now preserved properly while converting a DOCX document to PDF.
  • #I376003 - Words and characters counts are now updated properly while calling UpdateWordCount API.
  • WPicture.IsMetaFile property is now updated properly for metafile image.

Document Editor


  • #I229069, #I243495, #I246168, #I276053, #I300275, #I316474, #I328061, #I329785, #I344454, #I347371, #F149002- Added support for paragraph border.
  • #I307286 , #I330920 - Added support for restricting documents with tracked changes only protection type.
  • #I268209, #I298869 - Added support for display tracked changes commonly for table instead of row.
  • #I336116, #I342219, #I346980, #F164814, #F168911 - Improved the display, selection, and editing of the RTL text in a bi-directional layout.
  • #I380541 - Added an option to toggle between the default SfDocumentEditor instance initialized within the SfDocumentEditorContainer and the SfDocumentEditor instance defined in the application.

Bug Fixes

  • #I384261 - Resolved the script error in exporting the content control.
  • #I375732 - Resolved the table merged cell rendering issue.
  • #I376858 - Resolved the issue in loading the document.
  • #I375798 - Resolved the control hanging issue on opening a document due to tab element.
  • #I377834, #I376819 - Resolved the issue in saving the document with track changes.
  • #I375354 - Resolved the list indent layout behaviour.
  • #I379316, #I374993 - Resolved the number of spelling suggestion listing issue.
  • #I382192 - Resolved the undo and redo issue after adding un-posted comment.
  • #I383988 - Resolved the editing issue in inline form filling mode.
  • #I374466 - Resolved the issue in updating the drop down form field.
  • #I379507 - Resolved the tab alignment issue.

Bug fixes

  • #F34681 - The issue with “Dropdown Menu background is not transparent in dark theme” has been resolved.

Bug fixes

  • #I383880 - Now, you can provide OrderBy method along with DataSource.

Gantt Chart


  • #I341780, #I363987, #I361855, #FB29244 - Provided Observable collection and INotifyPropertyChanged support in Gantt chart. Find the demo link here.
  • #FB173495,#F33479 - Provided TaskbarEditing event support to customize the taskbar editing. Find the documentation here.
  • #I325212, #FB24738 - Provided column virtualization support in Gantt chart. Find the demo link here.
  • #I320538, #FB23678 - Provided support for touch interaction compatibility in predecessor and taskbar editing in Gantt chart. Find the demo link here.
  • #I345939, #I326398, #FB29887 - Provided editing tooltip with template support. Find the demo link here.
  • #I339132, #FB27950 - Provided support for vertical auto-scrolling when the predecessor connector point is dragged near the top or bottom of the visible Gantt chart pane. Find the demo link here.
  • #I339132, #FB27949 - Provided support for horizontal auto-scrolling when the taskbar is dragged near the edge of the visible Gantt chart pane. Find the demo link here.
  • #I326427, #I324612,#I354343 - Provided support to configure required predecessor types in Gantt Chart. Find the UG link here.
  • #FB27779 - Provided support to render holidays, event markers and weekend container to the content height.


Breaking Changes

Obsolete methods ShowColumns and HideColumns have been removed, use ShowColumnsAsync and HideColumnsAsync methods to perform show and hide operations.


  • #I374416- Improved the web accessibility in DataGrid component as per the current web standard.
  • #F153304,#I288243,#I326531,#I342645- Provided Sticky header support in the DataGrid component by enabling the EnableStickyHeader property. Find the demo link here.
  • #I355578,#I171017- Provided support to restrict the rendering of Adaptive Layout based on the device by specifying the AdaptiveUIMode property value as Mobile or Desktop or Both.

Input Mask


  • #I323837 - Now, you can obtain the value with masked format by enabling this EnableLiterals property.


Bug fixes

  • #I373046 - Provides enum type value support in listbox.
  • #I379955 - Provides object type value support in listbox.
  • #I175218 - Provides short type value support in listbox.
  • #I381595,#I381912 - The issue with “Numeric textbox and textbox are not working properly when we use those component as listbox template” has been resolved.
  • #I377501 - The issue with “Drag and drop not properly working in .net6 of the listbox component for the first load” has been resolved.
  • #F174682 - The issue with “Drag and Drop not working properly while using item template in listbox” has been resolved.



  • GeoJSON data with geometry types like “MultiLineString”, “MultiPoint” and “GeometryCollection” can now be displayed in Maps.
  • #I379550 - The Maps exposes the GetMinMaxLatitudeLongitude method, which returns the minimum and maximum latitude and longitude values in the Maps’ visible area.
  • #I326902 - Support for legend is provided when markers or sublayers are rendered in the online map providers.
  • #I335643, #I339675, #I346055, #I370772, #I375654, #I376013 - GeoJSON data with the “LineString” geometry type can now be rendered in Maps.

Bug fixes

  • #F175656 - When using the mouse wheel to zoom, Maps now zoom to the correct position of the mouse pointer.


Bug fixes

  • #I370802 - Issue with “keyboard does not opens in the iPhone 7+ device while focusing the component” has been resolved.

Pager Preview


The Blazor Pager component has an option to splits the data set into sectioned pages and gives better experience to view them page by page through intuitive UI. Here, navigation can be done with built-in numeric elements and buttons that can also be customized with the help of rich APIs.

  • Trendy Look - The Pager component easily split the data set into pages, to view them through an intuitive UI, which comes with industry standard themes such as Material, Fabric, Bootstrap, and more.
  • Pager Dropdown - The Pager Dropdown shows different page sizes as a list, which helps to dynamically change the page size of each page.
  • Template Support - The entire Pager component can be customized by rendering custom templates.
  • Responsive Layout - The Pager component acts intelligently and changes its UI responsively based on the provided dimensions. Its optimized design provides the best UI interaction in different devices.
  • Keyboard Support - Pager ensures that major features like page navigation, accessing pager drop down, navigating to first and last pages, etc. can be performed using keyboard commands alone without mouse interaction.
  • Accessibility - The Pager provides built-in compliance with the WAI-ARIA specifications and it is achieved through attributes.
  • Globalization - RTL rendering displays the text and layout of the Blazor Pager from the right to left. This improves the user experience and accessibility for RTL languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, etc.



  • Added a PDF/A-4 conformance creation and conversion support.
  • #I381316 - Added support to create, edit, and remove watermark annotations.
  • Added a high-level API to convert images to PDF documents.
  • Added support to create, edit, and remove the rich media annotations.
  • #F174432 - Added support to get the timestamp certificate from the signature validation result.
  • #I364032 - Added support to flatten annotations without calling the save method.
  • #I360243, #F174432 - Added support to get the detail of the signature’s validity from the PdfSignatureValidationResult.
  • Added the property changed event support for the annotations.
  • Added support to split a PDF document by fixed and custom ranges.
  • #373919 - Updated the latest version BlinkBinaries which includes fixes and security updates in the HTML to PDF.
  • #316038, #340354 - Added support for the HTML to PDF conversion in AWS with the new NuGet package.
  • #118797 - Added support for the Image OCR to a PDF document and the PDF A document.
  • #356048, #363551, #363552 - Added support for the OCR using the SkiaSharp and PdfImaging.NET.
  • #358493 - Added support to specify the engine mode for the OCR .NET Core.
  • #376619 - Added support for the PdfGS1Code128Barcode and PdfCode128Barcode.
  • #372324, #F173622 - Added support for scale in the .NET Core HTML to PDF conversion with the Blink engine.
  • Added support for the processor OCR without setting the TesseractBinaries and TessData path.
  • Added support for the HTML converter and the OCR in .NET 6.0.

Bug Fixes

  • #I380779 - The PDF form field visibility is not working properly from an existing PDF document.
  • #I384734 - The Preservation issue no longer occurs while adding Unicode characters to the PDF form fields.
  • #I385168 - The orientation is properly preserved while trying to import the rotated PDF pages to a new pdf document.
  • #I382887 - The invalid cross-reference table exception will no longer occur while merging a PDF document.
  • #I381950 - The widget annotation properly shows in viewers after merging the cropped PDF documents.
  • #I382355 - A fatal error will no longer occur while opening a PDF document with open and repair mode.
  • #I381563 - An exception will no longer occur when reusing the input stream without closing a PDF document completely.
  • #I380561 - The dropdown field values are imported properly with the dynamic xml file.
  • #F175170 - The PDF signature validation passed when verifying digitally signed with the ECDSA-SHA256 algorithm.
  • #I379400, #I380182 - The preservation issue will no longer occur while adding the image into the signature appearance and draw position.
  • #I380425 - The shape is preserved properly while converting the Presentation to a PDF document.
  • #I378529 - The preservation issue will no longer occur after rotating the document and adding a stamp to a PDF document.
  • #I369183 - The rotation is considered while creating a template from the rotated PDF document.
  • #I385801 - The document corruption issue will no longer occur while modifying a specific Pdf document.
  • #I380301 - The runtime and preservation issue will no longer occur when flattening the form field in a particular PDF document.
  • #F35262 - The PdfGrid is preserved properly at the bottom while adding the header and footer.
  • #I383513 - The acrobat reader recognized the required mark fields for the text box and list box created using the PDF library.
  • #I386166 - The incorrect field name exception will no longer occur when trying to receive the value from the newly added form field.
  • #I381517 - Now, the border width is set properly to the textbox field.
  • #I382945 - The invalid type cast exception will no longer occur while retrieving the newly added form fields.
  • #I381698 - The preservation issue will no longer occur after filing the back color to the combed text box field in a PDF document.
  • #I379204 - The preservation issue will no longer occur while filling the text box field on a particular PDF document.
  • #I379233 - Shapes are properly drawn with the transparent color using PdfPen.
  • #I372110 - The Pages are properly added when you collect the page record collection from the loaded PDF document.
  • #I374592 - The bookmark child is not exported multiple times while splitting a PDF document.
  • #I372759 - The numeric format is considered when filling a text form field in a PDF document.
  • #I371581 - The annotations will be active after flattening annotations in the specific PDF documents.
  • #I374556 - The PdfGrid borders are preserved properly while setting the pagination bounds.
  • #I375568 - Now, shapes are filled properly with transparent brush colors.

Pivot Table


  • #I379938 - UI for the pivot field list has been improved while rendering on mobile devices.
  • #F163478 - Provided action begin and complete events to identify UI actions in the Pivot Table’s toolbar options. If the UI actions do not achieve the desired result, the action failure event is triggered.
  • Provided built-in option in toolbar UI, grand totals will now display either at the first or last position in the Pivot Table’s row and column axes.


Bug fixes

  • #I380434 - Line spacing is now applied properly while converting a PowerPoint presentation to PDF.


Bug fixes

  • #I79215,#I380793 - Provides the filtering option for field, operator dropdown list in query builder.
  • #I378018 - Provides the rule Id value to event arguments of the query builder.
  • #I383840 - The issue with “Script error thrown while set the values to column through the querybuilder event” has been resolved.
  • #I380939 - The issue with “GetSqlRules method of query builder return wrong operator(And/Or) while using the localization” has been resolved.
  • #I374820 - The issue with “Hanging issue when we refresh or reset the query builder” has been resolved.

Rich Text Editor


  • Provided support to insert text programmatically in the Markdown editor at the current cursor position using ExecuteCommandAsync public method.



  • #I360058, #I374459 - Provided a public method GetElementInfoAsync to get the mouse target element information. This helps you show the context menu based on the current target.

Tree Grid


  • #I326815, #I326816 - Provided support for CRUD operation with row and column virtualization.
  • #I331815 - Provided support for frozen columns with virtualization.

Visual Studio Extensions

New Feature

  • #FB25638 - The description as a tooltip has been provided to explain further about the fields input in Syncfusion Blazor Code Generator UI.

Bug Fixes

  • #FB34927 - The null reference exception has been fixed in Blazor Scaffolding.


Breaking Changes

  • #I375327 - IsSerializePivotCache boolean property is added in IPivotCache interface to save pivot cache when required.
  • #I376580 - Changed the visibility of the CompoundFileException class from internal to public to catch the exception in the try-catch block.

Bug Fixes

  • #I382987 - The application hanging issue while opening the Excel document with whitespace in drawing XML element is fixed.