Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

May 03, 2023


Bug Fixes

  • #I454808 - When switching from the chart, the accumulation chart now renders properly.
  • #I446983 - Legend page numbers now work properly with multiple donut charts.


Bug Fixes

  • #I452002 - The crosshair and tooltip are now working properly when both are enabled.
  • #I454131 - Stripline now renders properly when customizing the dasharray.
  • #I455397 - While hiding the secondary axis, the primary x-axis removal issue has been fixed.
  • #I452772 - Chart rendering and tooltip cropping issues have been resolved.


Bug fixes

  • #I444937 - The rotation angle of the group node is applied properly after copy-pasting a rotated group.
  • #I446537 - The annotation content change for the read-only connector is working properly after double-clicking the connectors.
  • #I448794 - The condition change for the sequential connector is working properly in Russian culture.
  • #I447072 - The FillColor property for the BPMN Event symbol is now working properly.
  • #I447976 - The stroke width property of annotation is now working properly.
  • #I447422 - The node resize is prevented for nodes with resize constraint removed after aborting drag.
  • #I451384 - Two-way binding of the InteractionController property is now working properly.
  • #I451994 - The performance of dragging group node has been improved.
  • #I454786 - The Stroke width property of the BPMN Symbols has been modified based on the BPMN standards.


Bug Fixes

  • #I453139 – The NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown while calling UpdateWordCount API.
  • #I450897 - The StackOverflowException will no longer be thrown while opening a DOC format document.
  • #I456530 - Table is now preserved properly while converting a Word document to PDF.


Breaking Changes

  • We have added a new parameter showFileExtension to Rename method in the File Manager controller.
Method Parameter Type Description
Rename showFileExtension System.Boolean A boolean value that indicates whether the file extension should be shown


FileManagerResponse Rename(string path, string name, string newName, bool replace = false, params FileManagerDirectoryContent[] data);


FileManagerResponse Rename(string path, string name, string newName, bool replace = false, bool showFileExtension = true, params FileManagerDirectoryContent[] data);

Gantt Chart



Bug Fixes

  • #I457538 - Exception throws while selecting the rows using Shift+Ctrl keys has been resolved.
  • #F181510 - Exception throws while copying the cells after scrolling the grid, when virtualization is enabled is fixed.
  • #I456600 - Issue with “DataGrid Virtual Column’s is not rendering properly with Expando Object, when using the column chooser in WASM application” is fixed.
  • #I453773 - Issue with “Tab and ShiftTab keys doesn’t works as expected, when the CheckboxMode is set to ResetOnRowClick while using the persist selection” has been resolved.
  • #F181659 - Issue with “Hiding the column header using HideAtMedia property doesn’t work properly” is fixed.
  • #I436130 - Issue with “Grid header scrollbar padding is not removed, while deleting the records in the current view until the grid content scrollbar is getting hidden” has been resolved.
  • #F181648 – Issue with “vertical text alignment and textwrap is not applied in excel export” is fixed.
  • #I453433 - Issue with “Grid ResetPersistDataAsync doesn’t restore default grid sorting” has been resolved.
  • #I452378 - Issue with “Tooltip of Grid with ClipMode of type EllipsisWithTooltip stays visible after filtering” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I455316 - Preservation issue no longer occurs while flattening the free text annotation in specific PDF document.
  • #I455833 - Null reference Exception no longer occurs while rendering the font dictionary.

PDF Viewer

Bug fixes

  • #I454928 - Performance has been improved when scrolling through a document with a more significant number of annotations, with the EnableCommentPanel set to false.
  • #I457935 - Now, the null reference exception will no longer be thrown while loading the document in the WASM project.
  • #F181338 - Now, the issue of the signature dialog opening when args.cancel is set to true in the form field click event has been resolved.
  • #I454543 - Now, the issue of the Radio button states not being updated properly while saving has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I455280 - The GetActualHeight API will now return the table height value properly.
  • #I456851 - Shape with picture fill will now cloned properly.


Bug Fix

  • #I455990 - Progress bar now displays decimal values.


Bug Fixes

  • #I451780 - Application being hanged while opening the Excel document with pivot table is now resolved.
  • #I441565 - Named range references in the formulas being added into workbook named range collection while opening Excel document is now resolved.
  • #I454162 - Chart legend is now rendered properly in Chart to Image conversion.
  • #F179986 - Quarters and years are now supported for pivot data fields.
  • #F181449 - DisplayText is now returned properly when the applied number format is “d”.