Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

February 06, 2024


Bug Fixes

  • #I542753 - The chart zooming functionality now has the ability to dynamically toggle when ‘IsZoom’ is set to false by default.
  • #I539581 - Shared tooltip template and marker position is now proper.
  • #I544501 - Chart legend itempadding is now working for left and right position.
  • #I547166 - Connector line is now properly rendered in waterfall chart series.
  • #I546737 - Point info is now shown for the first series when enabling shared tooltip.
  • #I538951 - Scrollbar size is reduced when dragging the scrollbar in mobile device has been fixed.


  • #I536039 - Provided keyboard navigation support for all types of path series, including line, area, and spline charts, specifically when markers are disabled.

Circular Gauge

Bug Fixes

  • #F186277 – Annotations will no longer flicker when the annotation content is dynamically updated.


Bug fixes

  • #I534889 - Resolved an issue where the Active class not get added to the first item when using the filtering event.

  • #F185558 - Fixed an issue where an exception occurred when resetting the DataSource with complex TValue.

Data Form

Bug Fixes

  • I542447 - Resolved the issue where a null exception occurs when using one field inside the class model.

Data Grid

Bug Fixes

  • #I536720 - Resolved the issue where Autofill was not working properly when using ExpandoObject binding with Formatted Columns.
  • #I544722 - Fixed the issue where the Not Equal Operator did not work properly when passing the filter value parameter in the FilterByColumnAsync Method.
  • #I546551 - Resolved the issue where duplicate values occurred when copying a selected cell in a grid with Frozen columns.
  • #I542461 - Fixed the issue where RowReorder was not working properly when using the ReorderRowsAsync Method.
  • #F185994 - Fixed the issue where values assigned to CheckboxListData in the CheckboxFilterSearching event were not reflected in the UI.
  • #I501747 - Resolved the issue where Frozen Columns were not updated properly while Resizing the Data Grid.
  • #I547454 - Resolved the issue where the column menu popup was hiding after clicking a Column Chooser item from the Column Menu.

Date Picker

Bug Fixes

  • #I860067 - Resolved an issue where users were unable to focus on the Today button using the Tab key.


Bug Fixes

  • #I550370 – The ArgumentException will no longer be throw while opening a DOCX format document.
  • #I543323 - Hanging issue will no longer occur while calling the UpdateDocumentFields API.
  • #I543959 - Floating textbox is now preserved properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #I545227, #I548062 - Custom shapes are now preserved properly while converting a DOCX format document to PDF.
  • #I542410 - Header content is now preserved properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #I544320 – Table is now preserved properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • Corruption has been resolved now while resaving a DOCX document.

Image Editor


  • I520602 - Provided the HistoryChanged event for undo/redo action complete in image editor.

Linear Gauge

Bug Fixes

  • #I546438 – The labels in the axis will be rendered properly when the margin values in the LinearGaugeMargin are set to zero and AllowMargin is set to false.


Bug Fixes

  • #516895 - The issue where the text element is not paginated properly with FitToElement and the annotation is not mapped correctly in the final report PDF has been fixed.
  • #544199 - An exception will no longer occur when loading the PDF document.
  • #544276 - An exception will no longer occur when importing the annotations.
  • #546300 - A fixed preservation issue occurred while drawing PDF pages using the draw template approach.
  • #540468 - The issue of assigning “,” as the decimal separator instead of “.” when using French Culture has been fixed.
  • #543197 - The issue where Word split into subwords while extracting the text has been fixed.

Pivot Table


  • #I516956 - Provided support for exporting both the pivot table with header and footer to an Excel sheet when virtualization is enabled.


Bug Fixes

  • #I539114 - SmartArt sibling point will now add properly in PowerPoint library.
  • #I543840 - The NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown while converting a PowerPoint slide to image with irregularly cropped picture.
  • #I543839 - The NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown while cloning and merging a PowerPoint slide with empty custom geometry path.
  • #I543909 - Text color is now preserved properly while replacing the hyperlink.
  • Table rows and columns are now cleared properly.

Rich Text Editor

Bug fixes

  • #I533232 - Now, the font color is applied properly when we select the color from the dropdown in RichTextEditor.

  • Now, the maximum row limit of the table is increased to 1000 from 50 in the Rich Text Editor.


Bug fixes

  • #I541480 - An issue related to throwing the script error while dragging appointment has been fixed.


Bug fixes

  • #49646 - The issue with “Loading information is not read by the NVDA reader” has been resolved.

Time Picker

Bug Fixes

  • #I468151 - Resolved an issue While dynamically update the Readonly with Mask allows editing the date using the up/down arrows.

Tree Grid

Bug Fixes

-#I546411 - Fixed an issue where the ExpandAll action was not functioning correctly when the EnableCollapseAll feature was enabled in Virtualization.

  • #I544923 - Fixed a bug where the GetColumnFieldNameAsync method was returning both the field name and the data item in the tree grid.
  • #I541576 - Fixed an issue where an exception was thrown when attempting to add a record without using ParentIdMapping.


Bug fixes

  • #F185228 - The issue of the edit text box appearing for the node when the node’s ID is set as an empty string has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #541300 - Fixed an issue where files would not upload after an invalid file was uploaded and any subsequent files were dragged and dropped.


Bug Fixes

  • #I545503 - ArgumentOutOfRange exception is no longer thrown when saving the Excel document containing comment shape with picture fill color.
  • #I544959 - Data table column names exported as date-time values instead of numbers issue is resolved while exporting data table from the worksheet.