Essential Studio for Blazor Release Notes

May 08, 2024


Bug Fixes

  • #F187798 - The issue with the chart series and Y-axis not rendering when dynamically updating the column chart’s series and axis value type has been resolved.
  • #I558464 - SelectionChanged event not being triggered while scrolling the axis scrollbar has been resolved.

Data Grid

Bug Fixes

  • #I576038, #FB54415 - Fixed the exception that occurred while performing Filtering in a nullable enum column in the grid.
  • #I578222, #FB54766 - Resolved the issue where data was not loaded properly when changing data dynamically while using Grouping with Infinite scrolling.
  • #I581605, #I582235, #I584675, #FB54166 - Fixed the exception that occurred when clicking the filter icon while using Menu Filtering with a Custom Adaptor.


Bug Fixes

  • #I583053 - Czech characters are now preserved properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #FB53376 - RTL Paragraph within the TOC is now aligned properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #F187801 – Font name is now preserved properly while saving a ODT format document.

Gantt Chart

Bug fixes

  • #I580637 - Fixed an issue where an exception occurred when right-clicking on an empty row in the gantt chart with only two records and the context menu enabled.
  • #I582732 - Fixed issue where an overflow exception was thrown when rendering the gantt chart due to auto-calculated values in the Dependency field.
  • #FB51654 - Fixed an issue where the mapping of the CssClass property with GanttTaskFields was not functioning properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #I566288 - Fixed the issue where extract text does not work properly for some texts in a PDF document.


Bug Fixes

  • #I575680 - The issue regarding the incorrect updating of the RecurrenceRule when changing the date of a recurring event has been resolved.

Stock Chart

Bug Fix

  • #I583376 - Observable collection data update is now working properly.

Tree Grid


  • #I556647 - Improved overall performance, including expand/collapse, sorting, filtering, and searching of the single root parent node with virtualization and EnableCollapseAll functionality.


Bug Fixes

  • #I583000 - Exception is no longer thrown when accessing a range of the sheet name starting with a bracket.
  • #I580812 - Row height is updated properly While using autofitRow in the conversion of Excel to PDF.
  • #F29765 - AutoShape is rendered properly while converting specific range in Excel to image.
  • Custom display unit label text is preserved properly while cloning the Excel document.
  • Hidden series is preserved properly while cloning the Excel document.