Syncfusion Licensing Overview

13 May 20221 minute to read

Syncfusion license key registration is applicable for all evaluators and only to paid customers who use NuGet packages from So, if you use the evaluation installer or the NuGet feed to reference Syncfusion assemblies, you must also include the corresponding platform and version license key in your projects

Following licensing error will be shown if the license key is not registered in your projects while using assemblies from evaluation installer or from the

This application was built using a trial version of Syncfusion Essential Studio. Please include a valid license to permanently remove this license validation message. You can also obtain a free 30 day evaluation license to temporarily remove this message during the evaluation period. Please refer to this help topic for more information.

Difference between unlock key and license key

Please note that this license key is different from the installer unlock key that you might have used in the past and needs to be separately generated from Syncfusion website.

  • Unlock Key - Syncfusion Unlock Key is used to unlock the Syncfusion installers alone.

  • License Key - Syncfusion License Key is just a string that needs to be registered in your project to avoid licensing warning.

Refer to this KB article to know more about difference between the Syncfusion Unlock Key and the Syncfusion License Key.

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