How to Use Syncfusion Blazor Component in Oqtane Framework

20 Jul 20211 minute to read

This section explains how to use Syncfusion Blazor component in Oqtane framework.


Make sure to install the ASP.NET and web development and .NET desktop development workload installed on the Visual Studio 2019.

Create Oqtane Module in Visual Studio 2019

  1. Open Visual Studio 2019 and select Clone a repository.

    Clone a repository in VS 2019

  2. Specify the below repository location and click the Clone button.

    Clone Oqtane GitHub repository

  3. Once cloning completed, checkout the master branch in the Git Changes settings.

    Checkout master branch from dev

  4. Switch the solution explorer and open Oqtane.sln.

    Open Oqtane solution

  5. Run the application by pressing F5 key. It will open the Oqtane app in the web browser.

    Oqtane app open in the browser

  6. Setup the required Database configuration and create credentials and click Install Now button. It will open the default Oqtane page.

    Oqtane default page

  7. Click Login button and fill-up the credentials you entered earlier and click Login button.

    Oqtane login page

  8. Open Administration settings in the top right corner.

    Open administration settings

  9. Create a new Module configuration and click Add Module To Page button.

    Oqtane module configuration