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Map Providers

Maps component support map providers such as OpenStreetMap that can be added to any layers in maps.

Open Street Map

OpenStreetMap is a map of the entire world. The OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from any place on the Earth.

Enable OSM

You can enable this feature by setting the LayerType property value as “OSM”.

        <MapsLayer LayerType='@ShapeLayerType.OSM' UrlTemplate=''></MapsLayer>

Open street map

URL Template

The UrlTemplate property determines the format of tile map. You can specify the template for the tile layer.

Bing Map

Bing Map is a key feature in accessing the external geospatial imagery services for deep-zoom satellite view.

Enable Bing Maps

You can enable this feature by defining the LayerType as “bing”. To get the type of bing map as aerial, aerialwithlabel and road.

        <MapsLayer LayerType='ShapeLayerType.Bing' BingMapType="AerialWithLabel"
        Key="// …bingMapKey"></MapsLayer>

@code {


The bing Map key is provided as input to this key property. The Bing Map key can be obtained from